How we estimate wishlist items and epics

(I hope this is the appropriate category, please let me know if not)

I dont think we have a guide on how to estimate things in OFN. Here I make a suggestion (from what I understand we are already doing) and we can discuss and adapt from here.

We use the tshirt sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Everyone goes for something like (FTEs):

  • XS - less than a day
  • S - one to 3 days of work
  • M - 3 to 10 days of work
  • L - 10 to 30 days of dev work
  • XL - over a month

Here are some examples of the past so we agree on real stuff:

  • Translations like this one are usually XS

Is this our scale? thoughts? @Hugs @Matt-Yorkley @sauloperez @maikel @kristinalim

Yes, that is roughly how I used these t-shirt sizes in the past. One clarification: We are talking about actual dev time, right? So I’m wondering if Product Import was actually XL (Matt working six weeks full time) or just stretched out because of Matt’s availability. No idea. My real point is that an L feature can take over two months if one dev is working 3 days a week on it. If that dev also does code reviews and urgent bug fixes, it takes half a year.

Regarding size S, some of the more difficult S2 bugs were in that category.

thanks @maikel. awesome, I’ve updated the examples above with your input.
Yes, time estimates are FTE. Yeah, I am not sure about PI, maybe an L.