How important are these features to you?

[DRAFT] creating polling for various requested features that keep popping up

  • Restrict checkout until minimum order is reached by customer
  • Customer orders are ‘pending’ until minimum order reached by Hub
  • When Customer is tagged ‘member’: apply promotion / discount to their order
  • When Customer is tagged ‘member’: restrict access to (shopping at?) shopfront page to only members
  • Restrict access to Shopfront to Hub/Shop Customers

I guess this will wait until the new comer is getting used to his new world :smile:
I see this is in Draft mode, so not sure I’m supposed to comment… but anyway, I wanted to share what seemed important to me (and @MyriamBoure who is editing that post ;-))

1- The restrict access to /shopfront/(shopping at?) (don’t see the difference between the two last points…) is a feature needed on some cooperatives we discuss with. It’s only for members. Would be great to offer to the hub the option

  • if they want the shopfront to be still accessible so people get the wish to become member, and are only given the option “login” when checkout.
  • if they want the shop to be accessible only for members so login required.
    That feature would be used probably by subscription-based hubs, so then an additional feature to actually manage the subscription (duration, benefits, payment, etc…) would come handy

2- We also had the question by a first pilot user who want to validate a sale only if the total ordered is at least xxx, so I guess it’s the second point, orders remain pending until minimum total amount has been reached.