How do we keep track of people presence?

In our bi-weekly dev meeting we’ve been talking about how we can keep track of people presence from around the world.

The issue has been raised from me and @sauloperez because we felt that working daily on OFN will unavoidably leads to depend on other people for various reasons (code review, discussions, testing, general feedback, etc.).

What’s happening is that we don’t know if someone is on vacation or just off for one day, we don’t know if a person is working full time for another instance and basically we don’t know what to expect as response time for each person.

How do we deal with that? Having a yet another Google calendar seems not a good option since everybody already maintain multiple calendars. Could we share the already exisitng OFN related calendars at instance level between interested people?

@danielle suggested to deal with it updating Slack status, but I’m afraid we’ll just forget to do that. Probably if we share calendars that we’re already used to maintain will be more diffcult to forget? :thinking:

BTW… @sauloperez will be out from 20th to 25th of July and me from 22nd to 31st of July :joy: :joy: :joy:

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The calendar I use for OFN is my personal calendar (I have 2 other work calendars as well), and I don’t really want to share all the things that are in there with everyone (as much as I like you all some things are private :smiley:). Which would mean I would have to set up a separate OFN calendar and I really, really don’t want to have to manage another separate one on top of the ones I have.


  • No need to remember to update something (if you put holiday dates in your calendar already)


  • Some of us don’t use a calendar in that way, so we would have to either start putting holiday notifications in our calendars or set up a separate OFN calendar to share (one more thing to look after). And if we set that up we need to remember to keep it up to date because it won’t be the calendar that we use now for everything.

I spoke more about this with the AU team (@sstead, @oeoeaio, @serenity, unfortunately @maikel wasn’t online to join in at the time and @kirsten was at her day job), and Serenity also suggested the slack channel status.

I already use this with my other slack teams to let people know when I’m available each week, or when I’m going to be away. You can see here that I had set up a status saying that I’d be away for particular dates coming up.

And it’s really simple to set your status (@sstead used the :palm_tree: when she was away):


  • We’re already all on Slack, so none of us have to set up something new.
  • Some of us are using this status to let people know when we’re not around.


  • Those who aren’t using it have to figure out how to do it, and we all have to get in the habit of keeping it up to date.

So, for the AU team we’d be really happy to use Slack, and we’ve agreed that we as a team will trial doing this so that we can see if it works. Given that we’re usually the ones you are trying to get in touch with ( #bottleneck #annoyingtimezone ) this should give everyone a good view of who is around or why we aren’t responding. And if our status says we’re around, but you’re not getting a response, then you can blame instead on a) we didn’t see your message; 2) it’s on our list to get back to you but there’s many other tasks higher up on the list; or iii) we’re ignoring you ( :grin:).

@oeoeaio and @sstead and @maikel and @kirsten and @serenity and @Jen and @RohanM it would be ever so great if you could update your Slack statuses to reflect whether you are working (and which days you’re usually available), or if you’re away / planning to be away soon.

Allora, finalmente è il fine settimana!
May you all have a wonderful Friday, wherever you are. I’ll be kicking off my birthday celebrations (because all birthdays should be celebrated for at least a week!) in a beautiful cottage in Healesville surrounded by vineyards and very fine wine. Ciao!


Slack status works for me. I actually don’t use any electronic calendar. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @danielle!!!

I’m OK on giving the Slack status a try. I already updated mine.

ping @sauloperez

:thumbsup: I’ll do it next time.