Handing over Management of an Enterprise

Here at Food Connect (Brisbane, Australia) we have set up over 80 enterprises in order to represent all of the producers whose produce we sell. We are now looking at handing over management of some of those enterprises to the producer themselves. At this stage it’s simply for testing, however we would like to think that into the future a large number of our farmers, growers, brewers, makers and bakers will take on their OFN profile, and manage additional sales through it.

I’ve hit my first stumbling block trying to add a manager to an enterprise who is not yet a member of OFN, so i thought i would create a topic about going through this process.

@openfoodnetwork Will i need to get the new enterprise manager to create an OFN account before I can add them as a manager of their profile? I’m looking to use Sprout Artisan Bakery as the first trial. Thanks!

at the moment yes it looks like you do if you do it from users/manager, but you can get around this by setting the contact email to their email. This will:

  • send them an email to confirm that is their email and they know / agree to it being on OFN (effectively)
  • when they click the link, it should take them to ofn, ask them to set a password and then log them in as manager of the enterprise
  • then when you look, you should see them added as a manager . .

awesome if you can check and confirm that this is workable for now?