Greetings from Portugal

Last weekend we had the first meeting of people that would love to see the OFN project in Portugal. We met in Porto, where we have a close relation with Moving Cause, an association that helps organizing consumption groups near Porto. We discussed their experiences with the consumption groups, common problems and potential solutions to grow and make this model sustainable.

We spent some time learning about the tool (thanks Katuma for borrowing your OFN instance!) and understanding could we fit their current model in the platform. The local groups we met are based on the French AMAP model (Association pour le maintien d’une agriculture paysanne), which enforces a mid-term commitment between consumers and producers. We are currently testing some workarounds to map that process in OFN.

Our next goal is to run a pilot with one of the consumption groups that Moving Cause coordinates, to keep learning about the platform and to validate that the different parts are interested. We are discussing about sharing the infrastructure with Katuma, in the short term, or even in the long term, joining forces and covering a larger territory (Iberia?).

Looking forward to share more news with you! You can find us in the #portugal Slack channel.

Abraços from Portugal!


Hey, thanks @maxco for the feedback !
We have some discussions with AMAP like food hubs in France, especially Alterconso who you might know and with whom we want to develop the features needed in OFN, especially the subscription v2 where members will be able themselves to administrate their subscriptions, but with some constraints (like they can only take 6 months or 12 months subscriptions, they can set up “hollidays periods” where they won’t order baskets, the admin also can set up holidays period for the periods where the hub is closed, etc) so that might be something we can think of together ? I was pretty tempter to wait for the subscription v1 to be release in order to iterate on it, but we can start from now if you want :wink: Happy to plan some working session together on that if you want ! Cheers :slight_smile:

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