Global Strategy Perspectives

The purpose of the thread is to create and update a unique document summarising our vision and missions acknowledged as key by all stakeholders part of the OFN. This document is intended to support the global fundraising strategy to finance the development of OFN at a global stage. This process will participate in our objective to be a single and cohesive unit.

We invite all stakeholders interested in this process to share :

  • any document that describes the missions, vision and perpectives of OFN according to you;
  • any document gathering elements concerning past, current and future activities of OFN at local and global levels from social, environmental and economic perspectives;
  • any document with relevant user testimonies to support the relevance of OFN;
  • a list of the main impact indicators we could use at a global stage to present our social, environmental and economic impacts;
  • a list of the main actors which could be part of this process (at least one person per local entity of OFN, main partners and other individuals from comparable networks).

Steps of proposed project management :
1- To gather existing documents from all the local entities of OFN regarding: past activity, legal structuring, business model, impact indicators, planned development, local development strategies, list of stakeholders;
2- If needed, to issue a specific survey intended to consolidate this information based on common indicators and approaches;
3- To consolidate the data collected through the survey;
4- If needed, to conduct additional interviews to gather missing information once the steps above are completed;
5- To issue a report describing the consolidated data as well as existing (convergent and divergent) approaches to the project;
6- To issue a common document which could serve as a basis for grant proposal applications.


General docs

1- Image of Barcelona session facilitated by @lin_d_hop on the topic
2- Previous attempt of global reporting (we didn’t manage to maintain it) : OFN international dashboard
3- Elevator pitch we built in Barcelona
4-Other whiteboard from global gathering on fundraising strategy (not very helpful maybe…)
5- Video summing up Barcelona gathering with important images that I don’t find anymore on the drive :frowning: (final version of elevator pitch, the 4 areas the OFN works on, etc.)
6- Global community pledge
7- On planned developments we are still figuring out how to organize that properly, lots of attempts the last months. You can see the TOP10 list from Barcelona but it moves more or less in time, not static. We don’t have yet a single and clear point of truth about current state of priorization for inception and pipeline, WIP. We know that we need somehow to differentiate global priorities on what we want to dedicate time to incept next, and what we want to prioritize next, and we want to use voting processes for that (see wishlist - can vote category in this forum).

Local business models and funding applications docs



That sounds great @Sacha ! Great leadership on the topic :slight_smile:
I propose to make your post a wiki so we can start listing together the documents in a structured way, instead of sharing one after the other in the comments. I will make a try now below your intro with the first documents I have in mind, feel free to organize that differently if you prefer (like open a google doc to list them, or whatever).

I think the process you propose to “build a narrative that global philanthropists/investors will buy” is great.
I’m just wondering if before building the survey it wouldn’t be wise to have 2 or 3 interviews that will help you build that survey. You can see after you have read all the documents maybe.

Anyway, awesome !

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@lin_d_hop @NickWeir @Kirsten @tschumilas @sauloperez @Theodore @luisramos0 @sigmundpetersen if you can add links in the wiki on general docs or on local BM and funding applications that could be very useful for @Sacha ! He has one day per week to dedicate so great if you can do it quickly so he can digest all that to propose a path :slight_smile: Cheers !

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Hi @Sacha

Thank you so much for your offer. This will be great for OFN. :slight_smile:

Here are some links to add:

Please let me know if yo uneed more detail or if there is anything I can do to help.

Good luck :+1:


Hello there
I am building a new international dashboard to gather relevant quantitative information from all affiliates. It is a work in progress, and it will be shared on Slack and open to be filled quickly.
Here is the link

so glad you’ve picked this up @Sacha. @sstead and I structured this a bit and tried to prompt completion a year ago. I think it is really important tracking. Will fill in Canada stuff asap. Question - re: documenting the funding received (grants) - should we do this by year? or just a running tab? AND - we could link to the actual proposals (if they are shared) on the global drive. (just a couple of thoughts). THANKS for this.

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@sacha - I’ve created a folder in the global drive (Under funding proposals) with the following OFN-CAN proposals that might be useful to you. Not sure if you have access to that folder - but I think this link should get you to them. Let me know if that’s not the case.

  1. OTF (Trillium Foundation) - a proposal to tech-enable food distribution entrepreneurship using OFN (funded, in progress)
  2. OTF - second proposal - a proposal to test the potential of using rich content in on-line OFN markets to help consumers make environmentally friendly choices (submitted, waiting)
  3. Can Internet Reg Authority - testing on-line farmers’ markets in food insecure neighbourhoods (funded, in progress)
  4. Greenbelt Foundation - proposal for development of new features (funded, completed)
  5. New Directions Research - How ‘disruptive’ digital platforms are (and are not) adding value for small scale producers - research project (submitted, short-listed, waiting)
    In addition to proposals, I’ve put these reports into the same folder:
  6. Talking Tech with Foodies - ICT Needs Assessment (completed)
  7. Open Food Network - A Case Study of Commons Based Peer Production (in progress)
  8. Hacking the Food System - Pilot Study (completed)
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Hello everyone,

Following your rich contributions (thanks @NickWeir, @tschumilas, @MyriamBoure) and also some external contacts provided by @NickWeir, the impact survey is now almost ready to be filled. With this objective in sight, please have a look to the questionnaire here and share your reflexion to improve it. Please note that the “global” tab is not yet finished with all the automated link working properly.

I will participate tomorrow to the global hang out to prepare with you the next steps towards the publication of a global narrative document dedicated to the sollicitation of international grantors.

Some questions raised by the questionnaire itself:

  • should we get the help of a developer (1-2 days?) to help affiliates to extract data from the DB and feed the survey? If yes, when?
  • are quarterly figures relevant to you or should we ask for yearly figures?
  • is it realistic and relevant to prepare a users’ survey (sent to hubs and shops) with questions about their own impact? (see sections “Planet” and “People” in the questionnaire) If yes, when?

Proposed outline of the global narrative: this outline in integrated and detailed in the googlesheet document
Executive summary: overview of our demands, a word from our ambassadors
1- Why OFN (the pain)
2- What is OFN (vision, mission, aims objectives)
Focus: open-source - the common in a digital era
3- OFN’s organisation: OFN global, affiliates, associates, people, partners and stakeholders
Focus: SWOT of OFN
4- Products, services and activities: platform, training, mentoring,
Focus: timeline of product development
5- Market and strategy
Focus: testimonials from users and customers
6- Competitors: at global, national, local scales
Focus: 5 Porter’s forces model applied to OFN
7- Our resources: code and people
Focus: CANVAS model applied to OFN
8- Costs and revenues: initial costs (investment needed, running costs, pricing models, philanthropic partners
9- Targets, outputs, outcomes: business targets, social impact, environmental impact
Focus: contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
10- Risks: description, probability, impact, response
11- Budgets: if possible
12- Links: press and bibliography

Looking forward reading your comments on the preparatory work
All the best
Vive OFN!!


Hi @Sacha - I’m so sorry - I almost forgot all about this. I will do the OFN-CAN section of the survey in the next few days. I think we said end of march - so I’m only a few days late. Hope that’s OK.