Global Gathering 2020 - Day 6 - Global Governance - Discussions and Proposals

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Google Doc
Miro board
Lynne’s presentation on La Via Campesina

What is the purpose of this session?

Clarify what our current organizational structure is, whether we need a step change in this structure, and if so what form this structure might take

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?

A better idea of how OFN might be structured going forward

Who is facilitating? Gen

Who is scribing? Gen


Presentation through Miro board and Lynne’s powerpoint (La Via Campesina) of governance models similar to what we have/want.

We then collaboratively constructed a map of what “circles” we need in OFN, though noting that this does not include all of what happens in OFN, nor all of what OFN needs (e.g. movement element)

We also identified questions we want to answer (pink box on Miro board)


  • We will have a follow-up session on Tuesday (Google Doc) at which we will discuss:
    • How do information, resources, decisions flow between circles? (This will also connect to session re: tools)
    • Proposals / Discussion e.g. how do people get added to the SysAdmin pool, other (?)
  • Need also to consult with wider movement re: do you see yourself represented here? Do you see a way into this structure?

Detailed notes:

Details in the Miro board