Global Gathering 2020 - Day 5 - A Code of Conduct for OFN

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Google Doc

What is the purpose of this session?
Brainstorming ideas for a Code of Conduct

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?
Next steps towards a written (but evolving, living) Code of Conduct

Who is facilitating? Nick and Maikel

Who is scribing? Gen


  • In this session we began exploring what we might include in an OFN Code of Conduct, and how we might go about drawing up a living document.
  • We brainstormed ideas about the purpose of a CoC on this Miro board, identifying preliminary categories of needs
  • We explored some examples of Codes of Conduct from similar organizations to see what sorts of phrasings we might want to use
  • We discussed how to move forward, how to include more voices in crafting this document, where the CoC should live so it’s accessible to everybody


  • Jen will create a Slack channel for operationalizing values
  • Eriol will reach out to OFN members about this project to get diverse input
  • Eriol will invite people in other orgs that have worked on CoCs to the next meeting on this project
  • Nick will create a table of the needs we’ve identified paired with example implementations in other codes of conduct
  • Maikel will create a placeholder CoC in the GitHub repository
  • Later: develop a draft CoC document based on the table that will sit in both GitHub and a GoogleDoc
  • Later: schedule another meeting like this to continue this work

Detailed notes:

Principles of brainstorming:

  • Quantity, not quality
  • Suspend judgement at this point
  • Cross-fertilization - if someone else’s idea triggers something for you, write it down

We discussed some big questions a CoC needs to address, like how to encourage healing after violation, so we avoid as far as possible ejecting OFN members who fail to abide by the CoC. How do we balance safety of community members with supporting people to improve and evolve

Where should the CoC live? Maikel and Nick both talk about how not everyone is comfortable using GitHub, so we need an accessible system for people to contribute to this doc as well (e.g. Google Doc that is periodically reviewed for updates to be migrated into GitHub).

Do we need a Slack channel for this project? Does it fit within Holding-the-Culture? Jen suggests maybe Holding-the-Culture should be reserved for deeper, more emotional, intuitive reflection on OFN’s culture, and the operationalization elements (CoC, HR, etc.) maybe should live in a separate connected channel. We all agree to establish a new Operationalizing Values channel.

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Thank you, Gen! Fantastic notes.

I just found another CoC worth looking at:

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Universal Code of Conduct - Meta might also be of interest as an input. :slight_smile: