Global Gathering 2020 - Day 3 - Global Governance - What we love. What we fear. Holding the culture

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What is the purpose of this session?
To think together about how we want to organize ourselves globally going forward, given our unique way of working and OFN’s ongoing growth.

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?
To understand what’s important to us for designing an organizational structure in later Global Governance sessions.
All of these ideas are recorded live in the collaborative document (Google Doc )

Who is facilitating? Gen

Who is scribing? Gen

We first discussed what we love about OFN’s governance up to today.
We then discussed our concerns around OFN’s current governance, as well as the possible drawbacks of the governance structures we might adopt (consciously or unconsciously).
Finally, we shared our dreams for OFN - how we envision OFN harnessing its growth for good.

We will continue this conversation about Global Governance on Saturday
We decided that we will spend that session discussing governance models we think are similar to what we have/want, and plotting what our present governance structure is in practice (e.g. what “circles” do we have).

  • Gen, Lynne, Serenity will pull together information on existing governance models we might draw elements from (sociocracy, holocracy, Urgenci, La Via Campesina)
  • Eriol will create a Miro board during the Visioning session summarizing

Detailed notes:

Details recorded live in the collaborative document (Google Doc )

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