Global Gathering 2019 - Day 6 - branding strategy

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What is the purpose of this session?
There’s a lack of clarity about what OFN Global brand encompasses, which is making it hard for local instances to know how to brand themselves.

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?
A shared agreement about what the Open Food Network brand covers,

Who is facilitating? Myriam


Discussion around whether Open Food Network is the software or the product in terms of branding - around how this differs between countries, whether it matters

France needs to adapt its business model to have a not-for-profit association, and a for-profit co-operative, and the platform - how should these things be named, which parts need to be called Open Food Network.

Some of the things discussed:

  • There are tensions around having an English brand name in many countries.
  • What would the reputational flow be to Open Food Network be if local instances have their own name - e.g. if an instance gets media coverage but only the local name is used
  • Some instances already do this - e.g. Katuma - and it is handled for the global comms by saying things like “Open Food Network’s Catalonian instance, Katuma, is…”
  • Some instances have multiple business entities but present all of those entities as one - e.g. Open Food Network encompasses Open Food Foundation, Open Food Services, platform, and global community
  • Which parts are the commons - are these called Open Food Network? Is that changing with new products, or a growing understanding that our way of working are things that we create?
  • How do we facilitate subsidiarity and a deep connection with local culture and connection to food, while balancing global brand.
  • For the global brand to succeed, local buy-in and success is critical
  • Many of these things are important to cover in a renewed pledge.


  • France to go forward with choosing a branding strategy that connects with their local instance with the consent of the community
  • Global community to consider this as part of a renewed pledge.

Detailed notes:

Here is the recording