Global Gathering 2019 - Day 5 - scheduling session

What is the purpose of this session?
Determine what are our priorities on the list of things yet-to-do

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?
Clear schedule for the rest of the gathering

Who is facilitating? Nick

Who is scribing? Gen

Summary of decisions:

  • Decided against taking a full weekend day off


  • Facilitators to clarify the purpose and outcomes of each session in advance
  • Gen to import to schedule google sheet

Detailed notes:

Decided against taking a full weekend day off - Jen and Kirsten argue that taking a full day off is not necessary - more important to maximize what we can get done while we’re here together. Happy to geek out together indoors while it’s raining for the weekend.

While Guillaume is here (Saturday to Sunday noon), we should schedule things he can participate in, rather than just observe: branding strategy; Pledge; Zapier
He wants to get his Zapier set up while he’s here. Rachel is very familiar with his specific case and says it will be very straightforward to get set up.

On tech front, no more big discussions necessary - time for Getting Shit Done
Need for budget conversation after the instance-specific development session
Information Management session: merge of Slack organization discussion merged with solutions for the knowledge base - 1-hour session - try to get done before CSA arrive
Invoicing users - already addressed within pipe and zapier discussions
Pipe prioritization could go with budget discussion
Growth and Marketing - merged into branding strategy and growth/holocracy

Working sessions - Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • Resources on global side and handbook
  • Working session on local food launch pad - @danielle @serenity ?