Global Gathering 2019 - Day 1 - Planning session


  • Determine guidelines on how to work together
  • Sort scheduling
    • In Barcelona it was too intense to have a set, full schedule set out in advance
    • Better to be more flexible here, around meetings set by visitors, virtual attendees
    • Permission not to do everything on the list
    • Lynne - ranking of importance?
    • Ranked by importance for having in-person - priority vs. importance of in-person
    • Build in time for write-up, posting to Discourse between sessions

blue post-it - action card - Gen to transfer to actions list
orange post-its - questions to address in the session
red dot - immediate actions
green dot - specific/technical - breakout group
yellow post-its - sessions
pink post-it - lunch discussions

Nick, Gen, Lynne, Kirsten, Jen, Matt, Pau, Myriam, Maike, Rachel



General discussion:

Jenn - Good to come out of this with proposals to the community, rather than decisions
More fair to those who couldn’t make it for financial/other reasons
Discourse threads can be used to ensure the final decision is made quickly
Lynne - but important not to rehash the entire conversation - be confident in the proposals that we make
Technical stuff -the expertise is here so we can make it a strong proposal
Kirsten - Extensive notes of the conversation on Discourse should minimize these objections
Summarise in advance of each session Canada, US’s position in relation to each topic - they can check this to make sure their interests are represented
Nick - responsibility on those who aren’t here to read our summary of the discussion, otherwise decision-making becomes too slow
Myriam - if we document everything on Discourse we can explore the tensions with those online - “no decision is permanent”
Lynne - try to schedule contentious sessions first so we can put them online, gain feedback and re-address
Kirsten - who needs to be included in the before and after check-ins online? Theresa, Laurie, Dani, Serenity
Kirsten - is it worth keeping Trello up to date? No, let’s just focus on Discourse

How should we schedule each day?
Need for time to write up session notes, take actions so things don’t roll over to after the gathering
Start at 8:30 each day
11:00 break
13:00 - 14:30 lunch - just reheat dinner from night before - session notes while lunch is prepped
16:00 break
18:30 finish work for day
20:00 dinner

Each facilitator should post a summary of their session on Discourse and answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this session?
  • What oncomes/deliverables do we want?
  • Who is facilitating?
  • Who is scribing?


Growth of OFN, holocracy

  • More researchers arrive next week - 21-22 May
  • Seed conversation over lunch today

When can an instance develop something specific around the OFN platform?

  • instance-specific hacks - can be further tweaked to add value for all OFN instances
  • Perhaps doesn’t need Theresa, Laurie and Dani but we’ll represent their positions in the meeting and publish the discussion to discourse so they can weigh in that way

OFN as an umbrella org

  • Rachel - French CSA network - will be present for lunch on Friday - could do this discussion before or after lunch on Friday
  • Curating software that fits with OFN? OFN value proposition curation of many open source softwares?
  • Kirsten - Related to interoperability? Pau - More about strategy
    • Good that this follows interoperability and non-tech product strategy
  • Better in morning so Australian Chris can join - 10-12 Friday morning? French CSA people have to come from Lyon

Theory of change - subsume into Global Fundraising and impact measurement

  • Lynne - theory of change very hot and trendy for funders
    • what’s the world like now, what’s the dream world, how do we get there
    • UK one done - conversation is basically just “does OFN global want to adopt?”

Non-tech product strategy

  • Proposed by Jenn
  • Mentoring of food hubs, research
  • Mapping what each instance is doing currently, what there’s a strong need for in each country, increase value of product by sharing info and practices across instances
  • Output: list of priorities to work on first - one criterion being which can generate income


  • Pipe implications
  • Connected to topic of “what does it mean for an instance to be doing its own thing”
  • Lynne - maybe we need to start talking about multiple pipes:
    • Zapier
    • Rails

Performance action plan

  • technical discussion for tech people
  • touch of product input re: priorities

Spree 2-5

  • Purely tech discussion

Pipe chat

  • needs to be after interoperability
  • Discuss amongst ourselves in the morning of Thursday, and Dani can join by Zoom from Australia 12 noon-2pm
  • Jenn - a summary of the gathering? so schedule later?
  • Kirsten - would like to have actual work sessions based on this at the gathering, so better to be earlier
  • Swap with Sys admin session

Security audit

  • Matt - 3rd party service - 2 week free trial, pounce on it while it’s available
  • Tech discussion
  • Focus on tech stuff Tuesday? While people like Myriam will be absent

Review & refresh the OFN platform key focus areas

  • Trello card seems to have been archived by Danni, but maybe worth addressing?
  • Myriam - Should happen after the Non-tech product strategy session - formulating our value proposition
  • Myriam - may in fact naturally emerge from that discussion - refreshed OFN platform key focus areas is the deliverable of the Non-tech product strategy session?

How to invoice our users? BI and other strategies

  • Could be part of the Zapier magic tour? Let’s see how things go this evening and whether we really need a separate session

Revisit / review and update the Pledge

  • Potentially establish norms re: who has priority re: support

Global fundraising and impact measurement process

  • Subsuming A Theory of Change for OFN
  • Need to generate energy so maybe good with wine on Friday evening. Followed by an activity pitching OFN to one another

Thant is so beautiful, thank you @gen.shanahan and the whole global team!