Global Fundraising circle meeting - 14 of Oct (Thursday) at 20:00 (Irish time)

Link for meeting (here)

Agenda and template for meeting notes (here)

@NickWeir @Rachel @lauriewayne1 @Petros_OFN_GR @dthomas

Dear everyone, it seems that for for this meeting we will be mainly doing some general updates and list the items still to develop from the previous meeting. Everyone has been quite busy myself included, and I guess we can only try our best.

I have developed three simple documents, and would like to know if I can have your general approval (you can find these in the agenda document):

  • a template for our meeting agenda and notes
  • a scope for our circle and some general information
  • a process for us to develop our work more effectively so that we can have more effective meetings.

Hope this is OK and please let me know if there is anything you would like to add.

@NickWeir @Rachel @lauriewayne1 @Petros_OFN_GR @dthomas, following yesterday’s meeting could you make comments and or changes to:

  • the Scope/General Information Document (link)
  • let me know if you are OK with the process to develop approve work before the meetings (link)

As soon as I have your comments, I can then finalize the document and hopefully share it with other circles to use as template. This will be part of a bigger work I am developing for the global Org. Structure.
Hope that is OK with you.