GitLab's manifesto for working together remotely

The sessions on tools and governance at the gathering reminded me of GitLab’s philosophy on working together remotely. GitLab is like GitHub except almost all of their tools are open source… :thinking: :wink:. In keeping with their open-company philosophy they’ve published some extensive documents about how they communicate and work together in general. A couple highlights:

  • Slack history expires after 90 days, intentionally. If it’s important enough that people need to see it past that, it should be somewhere else.
  • Meetings are always optional, always recorded, and have a live-doc agenda (similar to many of the global gathering sessions
  • They focus on handbooks (similar to OFN!) as documentation of how everything works. They’re editable by anyone on the team.

It seems like a lot of these practices align with what was discussed in the sessions. Are there any that jump out for people as worth “formalizing” in some way, as in all agreeing that this is how we want to collaborate?


Nice, do you have a particular gitlab manifesto document Andy? Is there a link we can have a look?

I read this one now:
I like the #thanks slack channel :+1:

Ah, yes! Thanks for pointing that out. I wrote all that and forgot to put the link somewhere :slight_smile: Here’s what I was looking at:

Looks similar to the one you posted Luis but structured as linked pages instead of a blog post.


wow, that pdf has so many valuable hints!