Getting Started on the OFN

For Shoppers
Shoppers can create an account by heading to the homepage and clicking Log In in the top right hand corner.

For Producers
Producers can sign up for a profile here. The step by step process will help you to establish your profile.

You can also upgrade to your own Producer Shop - which means that you can sell your own products directly. There is more information about how to do this here.

Producer Shops are currently available on a free trial. After the OFN launches later in 2015 these trials will be limited to 30 days. The cost will never be more than $50 a month. Early adopters (e.g. though 2014 crowd-funding campaign) will never be charged.

For Hubs
Hubs can now sign up for a profile here. This process will enable you to set up a profile. If you wish to take the next step and start a hub shopfront (actual trading) please contact us at hello @ We are still closed beta at the moment so may not be able to assist all hubs, but please get in touch.

We’re also running a trial in the UK at - please contact “hello @” if you would like to know more or get involved.

#Keep in Touch
If you’re keen to join the OFN, but would like more information, sign up to the OFN newsletter.