French contribution to global : our proposal

In the perspective of securing the contribution of the French community to global budget, we have thought on how to take in charge the payment of @Rachel and @jibees so they can contribute to global on a long term, not depending on pop up grants. A bit like Australia has done, recruiting Maikel and freeing him 2 days a week to global, as a contribution to global.

Our goal is also to find a way to add some resilience for the project in France, so we know that even if global has some difficulty at some point, there is still someone here that can fix the emergency needs.

We believe that diversifying people “hired/secured” by local instances that are able to cover their cost as a contribution to global, and other funds like grants enabling to pay contributors to global directly , will increase the resilience of the whole community, ensuring that in time of relative scarcity, there is still a minimum team around, making our common work through the storm, until new money energy comes along.

Of course, we would like to be able to do this not only for people based in France. The reality of the short term situation is that both JB and Rachel have now tasks / projects where they need to talk to current users in French. Maybe in the future we will be able to bring side projects for anyone in the OFN global core team !

CoopCircuits has committed to dedicate 40% of our turnover to global. We invoiced for Last 2020 quarter 8K€, and 9K€ for first 2021 quarter. That makes around, to be cautious, 40% x 32K€ so around 13K€ annual contribution for 2021. So we propose to transfer the cost of JB 2 days/week and Rachel 1 day/week to CoopCircuits from July to Dec 2021. That would represent 13K€ cost for CoopCircuits. For 2022, on a annual basis, we would lower a bit JB time to global at 1 day/week, and keep Rachel 1 day/week, so the yearly cost would be 17K€ for 2022. We hope our turnover will increase and it should represent 40% of it. If our turnover increase more of course we will review that, or contribute to cover other global costs with the remaining budget. We would contract with JB for 2 days a week still in 2022, the second day being more for CoopCircuits specific needs.

Also, on the other side, Open Food France raised some grant last year, with a bit of money that we planned to dedicate to improving the common software. We decided to pay for 2 days/week of JB time to global from July to December, and are looking for new grants to continue securing JB next year for those remaining 2 days/week.

So basically, JB would be working 4 days a week for global, and Rachel 1 day a week for global, from July to December, all covered by CoopCircuits & OFFrance as a contribution to global. For 2022, at least JB and Rachel will still have each 1 day/week paid by CoopCircuits for global, but we hope by then we’ll have find a way to maintain JB to global 3 days a week at a minimum. Else we’ll see at the end of 2021 what is the global budget situation and if some of JB time needs to be covered by global again in 2022.

Apart from that, in July, after having paid Filipe and Rachel for June, there is still 1090€ of UK money in French pot (see here, tab “OFN UK fund in OFN Fr”). We also still have the 7300€ in pot that CoopCircuits allocated for global as per 2020 turnover. So apart from JB and Rachel time from July to Dec, we still have in total around 8.4K€ in pot to spend for global that we can use either to pay Filipe in the coming months, either some other invoices depending on priorities. As a side note, we also cover Matomo as part of our global contribution.

I hope all that is clear. Is there is any objection to that proposal, please share them here if so !

It’s been a long time since I’m not following so much global so not sure who are people curating global budget, @Kirsten @lin_d_hop @tschumilas please if other people should see that and comment do share !