Food Democracy thesis and conference presentation

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We have been supporting a UK student to produce this thesis which he plans to present at the CHI conference in Canada next year. He has asked for any suggestions to improve the thesis before he submits it to the conference committee on 19th September.Food Democracy in the Making - Co-Designing for Local Food Networks - Sebastian Prost.pdf (1019.0 KB)
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Sebastian’s email is

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fyi - I’ve been in touch with Sebastian - it seems like he and I are on similar research paths. I also cross linked this post with his paper to a topic I started under ‘research’ re: OFN and governance research – OFN governance research
and posted a paper on Commons Based Peer Production and OFN that I’m working on there - here it is:
Open Food Network - A Case Study of Commons Based Peer Production.pdf (773.2 KB)

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