Fixes to Single Order edit and Order Index page

Single Order Edit page

1. show Producer and variant label in drop-down when adding variant - see more detail [git][2]

2. put Customer name at the top before order e.g. “maggie Moo: #R29218029

3. place a Ship button at the top of the page, alongside Cancel, Resend etc (only active if payment has been received)

  • maybe make it a drop-down to choose action?

4. resend email button currently doesn’t use new template - should resend with new template

5. recalculate fees when line items are edited or added

When an Enterprise user edits an order, including by adding additional line items, the fees (adjustments) are not recalculated, so the order is incorrect

Fees are recalculated when the ‘update’ is run

may be some useful information here, in discussion about variable weights -

6. associated issue re. enterprise users not being able to edit or remove fees. If EU is able to edit order, they should be able to edit and remove fees (adjustment)

Order Index Page

  • Display Customer notes (pop-up)? [here or BOM?]
  • Create a ‘Ship’ button that works somewhat like the collect payment one with some additional logic e.g.
    • only appears (or is activated) once the order has been paid for
    • Ships all shipments

Phase 2 - see wishlist

This might be more of a wishlist item…

Managers of an order cycle and the distributor of an order are allowed to remove a line item from the order.
They are also allowed to remove an adjustment.
– That is implemented now and on it’s way to testing…

yep, I think it would be good to move to wishlist :slight_smile: