Feature list and comparative review

Wow. Talk about amazing . . for a potential major user in France @MyriamBoure has put together a very comprehensive feature list - OFN list of current and under dev functionalities - Google Sheets

I am having a quick look through it now and making some minor changes and comments, with a view to @sstead checking and adding / editing anything you deem wise tomorrow :slight_smile: Blue text is where i have made some changes that need checking. The revised version will go to the potential user tomorrow and we will all be very happy if they go with OFN. Anyone is welcome to have a look and improve on this as well if you like. It will be a fantastic asset for everyone I think

UK - in absence of @danielle is there someone who can look over this and make sure there’s nothing major missing . . also things that are your priorities for dev in 2017? @NickWeir @lin_d_hop?

Alongside this and to complement, @serenity has suggested that it would be good to do some kind of comparison / review against this excellent resource - http://www.wholesomewave.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Food-Hub-Tech-Guide.pdf to be able to also use this to articulate what OFN can do (now and in pipeline). If you have some capacity @sstead could you potentially have a look at this too?

Myriam - I wonder if it would be useful to send them that doc as well as it may help with their process mapping. and @janina I can’t remember if we already sent it to you or not

The unimplemented features basically correlate exactly with UK priorities.

Great to see autonomous agreement in the global direction eh? :slight_smile:

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yup. strong resonance with german priorities too - seems the direction is clear!

Yeahhh, this list is impressive, and I can only applause the Aussie and UK teams who have done an amazing job in putting together this beautiful peace of code :slight_smile:

Regarding the attached document, I love it :slight_smile: It would be awesome at some point to be able to put together something like that for the Open Food Network as well :slight_smile: It would be both a feature list and a user oriented information document, like whatever my type of hub, I can go to the good page and have quick and clear overview of what the OFN can do for me.
I will definitely pass it on right now to our potential user :slight_smile:

Ping @Arthur it can also be an inspiration for a French-OFN version of such a document, but let’s take it step by step.

Amazing list Myriam! I’ve checked the spreadsheet and made minor amendments/additions. It all sounds logical to me, but I’m very weary that I’m so immersed in the OFN language that I’m not the best gauge of how it will sound to a newbie. But yes, would be great to have a newbie friendly, thorough feature list one day!

Regarding the Making Technology Work For You document, I’ve made a start on comparing OFN to their criteria, anyone can view and edit it in the Global Google Drive.

Why don’t we use the Global Drive for all such documents?

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I put the doc I did on the global drive already, but yes would be great @sstead if you can put yours on it also so that we don’t need to request permission for it :wink: But I did anyway!

Thank you @sstead for your feedbacks on the global feature list :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’m developing a public facing feature list to be shared on the global site. It’s a bit crazy that we don’t have something like this already. I would appreciate your feedback, in case you think some features should be added/removed. I’m also open to structuring suggestions (how to group features in a meaningful way). @MyriamBoure @tschumilas @lin_d_hop @mags @NickWeir @anyone else who has time.

Here is a link to the doc - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l9XEaS9OX9tCtuOWSM-ePT4VBnCyDx6v3hWvk2W8uDg/edit?usp=sharing . It’s also in the global drive (i think) called OFN Feature List.

We’re also wondering if someone with a knack for graphic design could put this list into a pretty infographic? It needs to be updatable as new features are added. @CynthiaReynolds your name came up :stuck_out_tongue: If not I can try to put something together on Piktograph (great tool thanks for the suggestion Cynthia).

@sstead I’m a bit confused, when I got the permission to the document I put it on the global drive, but strangely it seems it created another version, so now we have two versions and I’m afraid some people look at a version and some at the other. I’m not even sure which one is the good version.


https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ekOYTGYm1eetO36iWMk-3fajQ8TFXcLBl08jRMULXI/edit#heading=h.qsthw7c5hqqz (this one is on the global drive in communication/features list communication)

Can you delete the wrong one, and would you mind putting your document in the Global Drive directly and work from there so that we all access it? Or else just share here the link of the good document and we don’t put it on the global drive but keep the link open so that we can all access it :slight_smile:
Sorry for the inconvenience !

I can have a go at it, not sure about the timeline :slight_smile: but will do what I can

Apologies, I’m hopeless at navigating in google drive. @MyriamBoure sorry for the confusion, there are 2 documents. I’ve added them both to the Global Drive folder Feature List Communication.

The first (Making Technology Work For You Assessment of OFN) assesses OFN against the criteria in the Making Technology Work For You document. It’s there for anyone who’s interested.

The second (OFN Feature List ) is an adaptation of the first, to make it more ‘public facing’, in preparation for a feature list that we can share on the global site. This is the doc I’m looking for feedback on, and would like to turn into an info-graphic.

@CynthiaReynolds thanks for your offer of help. I’m not sure if this would be feasible, but one option is for you to design a template and then I could put the majority of the content in to save you time.

no worries @sstead Let me try and wrap my head around it and we will see how it goes :wink:

@sstead I carved out some time to give it a first whack, feedback welcome :wink:
I tried to keep it in line with the Brand ID. If you had a different vision, just let me know.

omg - it’s magnificent! you are both amazing!

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@CynthiaReynolds great work, really like this idea :slight_smile: Couple of thoughts:

  • The red boxes of “coming soon” features are pretty bold and draw the eye more than the ticked points that are existing features. Just wonder if this should be de-emphasized a bit?
  • The line spacing seems narrow particularly where there are paragraphs of text.

thanks for the constructive feedback :slight_smile: will make adjustments accordingly @pmackay

I reversed the boxes/text colour to be less bold, and changed the fonts in the paragraphs… hope that helped

Looks great @CynthiaReynolds! :slight_smile:


  • Having a coming soon icon in front of every paragraph/feature like it is for existing features
  • Font color same on coming features as on existing (only icons indicate differences)
  • Align paragraph widths for existing and coming features in same feature group (no text above/below feature image)

done :slight_smile: it kind of lost the colourfulness, but probably for the better :wink:

Wow @CynthiaReynolds that was speedy! And it’s beautiful! Would it be possible for me to have the login so I can update it as features are added? No worries if not. Also I’ve added it to the global site in a new page (not yet linked anywhere,so not publicly viewable). It’s one big PNG image, is that the best way to share it? It looks good on desktop but a bit fuzzy on mobile view. Any suggestions? Should I break it into smaller images? Also open to suggestions for where to locate it in the global site. I was thinking as a link away from the current Features page as a ‘detailed software specs’ link, but open to suggestions. Many thanks again!!

Thanks @sstead, I am happy you like it :slight_smile:
I have dowloaded each block as a separate .png files and put them on the [drive here] (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1T6nYA8rinMaGh0TUN5RUZVRmc?usp=sharing) as well as a longform version for other instances to use.

You also have the option of using the embed code directly from piktograph, but I find it can be a little wonky on loading sometimes. Will send it via email. It may provide a better mobile experience.

I think your suggestion of linking from the features page works. Long term we may want to consolidate some of the information on the current Features page into the various Food Hubs, Food Producers and Food System Partners pages and maybe the top menu link on Platform (the last of which seems to link to the Producers page) but that is a much bigger job! It could also be interesting to take those roles and produce a flow chart style infographic… but something tells me I should stop there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The other option is making it the Platform page with an extra link from the features page.

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