[FEAT] Subscriptions (standing orders)


This piece of work will enable customers to setup a subscription with an OFN shop. Their order will automatically be created and placed periodically, and in conjunction with Stripe customers will be automatically billed accordingly.

People working on this project:

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  • Local instance managing the work: Aus
  • Product Owner: @oeoeaio
  • Project manager: @danielle
  • Lead developer: @oeoeaio
  • Additional developers: ?
  • Code reviewer: ?
  • Tester: @sstead
  • Other interested parties: ?

Where to get information about the project

Scope specification

The initial discussion about the scope of the work happened here

Current discussion about the progress of this work happens here

Project managment

Progress can be viewed in the Standing Orders project on Github here

Project team slack channel


Co-budget bucket

Phase 1 here
Phase 2 here

User guide



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