[FEAT] Spree Upgrade


Spree Upgrade

This project is intended to solve the tech debt issue of our Spree version being out of date. Updating spree will make it easier to develop other key features that the community wants…?

People working on this project:

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Where to get information about the project

Scope specification

See initial description for introduction, and the Spree Upgrade Category

Project managment

Step 6 Progress can be viewed here
Step 7 Progress can be viewed here

Project team slack channel


Co-budget bucket

Co-budget bucket is here

User guide

N/A - will not have significant front facing features/changes


This is a candidate for release 1.9 which we are aiming to make available as soon as we can solve the Travis build fail issues :frowning:

Release plan for 2017
Ensure software and components we depend on are maintained