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Greetings OFN Community!
My name is Shannon and im working with a Non Profit developing a farm project in the Northern California region and we are looking to integrate the Open Food Network platform into our community and become a producer and a hub of farms looking to distribute food to the local surrounding community.
We are also developing with farmOS to use there farm management wares as our daily operational platform for tracking all farm tasks, operations and any farm related process.
We are very happy with farmOS and the development community is stellar and very active.
One our main goals is to see how we can integrate OFN with FarmOS so we can track all assets in farmOS that would be ready to go to market via OFN.
There is discussions currently about getting started on some kind of integration.
Here is the most recent topic on the table.

These are the development topics of interest we are looking at:

Develop a “farm2foodnetwork” module for farmOS (drupal) (*what data sets to share?)

  • Ability to have a farmOS profile on OFN as Provider etc
  • Ability to push asset ”product” thru movement till it goes to OFN store
  • Ability to push assets to OFN inventory and categorize each desired asset as a network store product with in farmOS.
  • Ability to track and trace product from start to market and the ability to tag it at each stage.
  • Push items to network store from farmOS directly when ready.
  • Integrate crop production plan with ofn product availability.
  • OAuth to connect the accounts?

Would love to know if this has been looked at before and what the possibilities are?

Love to see these 2 platforms working together. Seems like a natural fit for an OpenAgtech solution for farm management all the way to local market.

Any feedback and or insight would greatly welcomed!


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wow I am excited about this :slight_smile: we have had conversations with farmOS over the years and clearly all thought it would be great if we ended up at this point, but neither had the resources or immediate urgency to focus on it. If you do that would be fantastic and you will be welcomed and supported.

I have played a bit with farmos for our farm here in aus but haven’t really ‘locked in’. I do use OFN though, and would happily be a guinea pig.

There is quite a bit to consider and some conversations about broader data structures that are relevant. For example, the Data Food Consortium project in France has drafted a standard for food systems tech to be interoperable, and we will be aiming to comply with that over time. We have just taken our first steps towards DFC-compliant endpoints see here and here. It could be interesting to look at this for farmOS too, as in how assets are translated to products that travel through the supply network

On the topic of networks - we are probably using the word differently, but we are also currently working on an evolution of the ‘network’ in open food ‘network’ i.e. better support for food supply networks where the same core ‘product’ moves through and is transformed in different ways by different supply chain partners. We are talking about using tagging in some way within this. It may not be relevant but I just noticed some uses of the same words and it could be interesting to explore parallels in our thinking. Pinging @Mario FYI

that’ll do for now - welcome :slight_smile:

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also @farmtech - just in case you haven’t found it yet, our API is not as awesome as it will one day be, but what we currently have is documented at

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:smiley: YAY Thank you for checking this out. Great feedback and insight. Thanks for the references. This gives me a great place to start.
I am going to pass this along to the farmOS team and see what ideas it can get started.

Hi there, this is Jamie from the farmOS team. I work on the farmOS Field Kit app (Android/iOS/PWA).

Just want to introduce myself and say I love this idea! We’ve got a lot on our plates, as always, but it’s been my wish, for a looooong time, to see farmOS integrate with sales and marketing tools, especially OFN, since I don’t see anyone coming close to what y’all do in the FOSS space.

As best I can, @farmtech, I’d like to make myself available to you. I 100% sympathize with @Kirsten when it comes to #APIgoals; we’re busily working to improve ours as well. So if you ever get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Can’t wait to see where this goes!


:slight_smile: This is exciting!
evolving the open food computer network to reflect the open food social network…

Regarding the OFN api:
Is it possible to retrieve (eg) bulk_products sorted by last_modified/deleted?
(or only retrieve products that have been modified/deleted since some time?)

afaics the param q is not specified in the swagger api spec How does it work?

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I like the idea to trace/track products already during their creation before they are ready to sell. This could even loop back to OFN in form of CSA crowd-funding: First consumers communicate value appreciation (ie pre-pay in advance) and only then todos get scheduled in farmos to create that value which is then distributed via OFN… eg order three “bed square food” of carrots - ETA in 6 weeks


Thanks for posting. It’s great to hear from you!


we have been discussing this. We use use ransack that supports filters by all database fields, but we dont want to explode our docs with all the possible filters. Discussion here:
Anyway, yes, I think you can already filter by orders created_at, updated_at and deleted_at fields.
Something like this I believe:

  • q[updated_at_gt] updated after
  • q[deleted_at_lt] delete before