Fair Food Forager

I would like to introduce @DaynaOrtner and @PaulHellier of Fair Food Forager. We are working with FFF in the UK to link our producers into the FFF directory of eating places. We like the ethics-match between OFN and FFF. I will leave it to Dayna and Paul to tell you more about FFF and how they would like to link to OFN in other countries.

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for the introduction Nick.

As mentioned, we have an overlap with OFN in terms of producers. So that is the starting point for us in partnership - sharing the network information.

We are in discussion with our tech team about using the OFN software within our app/ website. However, we are a few months away from seeing progress on this front.

We list restaurants/ cafes/ producers/ grocers/ caterers in a number of countries - many of them overlap with countries OFN works in. So we’d love to get more producers listed on our app/site. And also share social media content and support one another in cross promotions.

It would be great to hear people’s thoughts and ideas on this :slight_smile:

Hi @DaynaOrtner and welcome to the OFN community :slight_smile: I’m based in France, I think we have something a bit similar in france, http://www.placetobio.fr/, are you also already in France ? Of course that’s a nice idea to map and link producers to the eating places they suppy, so that eaters can know where the products come from! Happy to help if any need on the French side. Cheers

Hi @DaynaOrtner - I am the lead for OFN Canada. Just spent some time on food forager - and I love it. I think we should definately explore OFN-Fair Food Forager exchange/sharing. It seems to me (correct me if I"m wrong) that the strength of the Fair Food Forager is its consumer focus - helping the buyer find fair food, and rate the experience. Whereas OFN’s strength (in comparision) is the backend logistics for the fair food enterprise (food hub, store, on-line market, farm, CSA, buying club) and affordable e-commerce solutions. So if that is the case (and I stand to be corrected) then wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out a way to partner, where an OFN enterprise (farm, hub, …) is offered the option of cross-listing on forager, and a forager listee is offered the option of an OFN shopfront. (I"m not a technical person - but as a consumer, I can see potential.) Welcome here - nice you found us.

Hi @MyriamBoure thanks for the welcome.
Thanks for including the link. I have not heard of ‘Place to Bio’ before, and it was interesting to look at the site. We are similar to them. However, we have a smartphone app - which we believe is very important for making the information about sustainable food easy/ accessible for people.
I’m not sure how far we are from launching in France. But we would definitely be interested. We will keep in touch :slight_smile:

Hi @tschumilas - pleased to meet you!
It’s great to hear that you like the FFF website.
Yes, I think you summarised the strengths of OFN and FFF well. We do have more of a focus on connecting consumers with food, however, we have the producers and caterers there as well in order to create a network for businesses we work with to make more sustainable choices as well (in terms of suppliers etc)
We also see the potential in partnership - as you have highlighted, the cross-listing/ storefront idea is something we are discussing at the moment. We’ve had a few delays with our tech team, but hopefully things move a bit faster now.

We already have about 35 listings in Canada so far, but would love to expand that as soon as possible (http://fairfoodforager.com.au/search?XID=8918050bd2d99ad1e1860da5ee82c3ce9f8d2fff&keywords=Canada)

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: