Extend our certification process to testers

Hello everyone!

So over here: Single global dev team: integration process, rules to be certified (and thus paid), and rates

We have defined a certification process for devs.

As some of you know, we are onboarding new testers in the global team: @filipefurtado and Jen Smith in particular are now doing exclusively testing for the project (along Danni, Lynne and myself). :muscle: :tada:

Filipe asked me how he could become a certified tester.
Filipe knows that we don’t have money to pay for testers for now. The goal would be here to get recognition: he needs to know that we know we can count on him, but also that he can count on us to include him as a team member.

I think this is a healthy conversation to have and I’m very glad Filipe brought it up.

So the idea would be to define a Shu/Ha/Ri certification process that we could use to onboard tester.

Example: only HA testers could get a semaphore access, only RI can test a release?

Before defining it further I would like to know what others think about this idea.

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Yep. Let’s do it. It’s a great first step to then having testers paid as well, which is something we’ve always wanted to move towards.

Yes I like this plan.

I can’t imagine this will be controversial with anyone.
I’d like to start diving into how we define things… :laughing:
And I’m going to while I have a bit of time that suits this kind of task :raised_hands:

I would suggest that a tester is only certified when they can contribute usefully. Before this they are trainees. To contribute usefully you need to be able to deploy PRs to servers and test them.

Proposal: a tester can be certified when they:

  1. Understand processes eg Google Drive, slack, github labels, how to deploy a PR.
  2. Have shadowed testing of EasyTest PRs and certified testers agree they are ready to test solo.

Then we have our Shu/Ha/Ri levels…

Shu - Test EasyTest PRs confidently
Ha - Test dot releases and S-M issues confidently.
Ri - Confidently test L+ issues and major releases.

These are just initial proposals…


  • What is the process for a tester to be certified? Agreement from existing testing team?
  • Should we document the actions to take on certification? Eg Semaphore access
  • What is the process for a tester to be promoted?

Great idea. I really like @lin_d_hop’s proposal.

With devs, I thought we set a minimum number of hours per week that the person can commit. But I can’t find that information now. Should we set something similar for testers?

Hi @all :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing this up @Rachel and everyone for their thoughts.

As Rachel says, this is more about maintaining a partnership rather then expecting for a monthly allowance from the global pot right now, though as @danielle’s points out, this is a first step in that direction, and would of course bring some stability.

Personally, I think some sort of certification would be useful on my serch for financing. It is heplful to be able to demonstrate to potential funders that I am a part of the team - allbeit pro bono - thus making my case stronger, when speaking about the project. I am aware that aiming for external financing is a long shot, but I it’s worth trying or at least keeping this option in mind, maturing it, building a general picture on the best way to do so.

As to which certification - Shu/Ha/Ri - I suppose there are several approaches. The added-value one brings to the project would be a possible indicator/consequence, something like:

added value (AV) = weekly hours (WH) x Certification (Shu/Ha/Ri)

From my side, I feel I have now gained some overview on the general testing procedure, but I am definitivelly lacking IT background and testing experience. So, maybe I’m Ha. Like the hyena: Haha :smiley:

Cheers - have a great day and week!

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Great! I would agree on having this documented on our wiki and improve from there. Promotion or certification would be moved forward on 2 cases: the tester ask + the team review the list every 2-3 months?

Is it correct to say that the current testing team level is the following:

  • Shu: Jen
  • Ha: Filipe
  • Ri: Lynne and me