Experience of local shops using OFN

Hi people!

I’m new in this platform, so first of all excuse me if I post on the wrong place. I’m working in a project in Catalonia (Spain) trying to create a useful agroecological model of commercialization and distribution for the local litte shop network. I would like to gather information about how are you using this platform for connecting producers and shops. Maybe it will be useful to incorporate this experience to the OFN/Katuma of Spain. Thank you!


Hi @ITheoinsua !

I’m Enrico, from the OFN/Katuma team. Glad to meet other people from our area here :muscle:

Feel free to join us here and / or on http://community.coopdevs.org/tags/katuma

We’re planning our next meeting in Barcelona, more details here.

See you soon!


Hi @ITheoinsua - very nice to hear from you and welcome to the OFN community. You’ve raised an interesting question - I’m not sure the global community has documented anywhere the range of food hubs, buying clubs, farm shops… that are using OFN. It would be nice to have a kind of annotated listing somewhere that describes the various kinds of sustainable food distribution enterprises using OFN in our various instances/countries. I suspect there are many different types of users that are evolving. Tell us more about what you have in mind - and I’m sure we can point you to similar uses to learn from. (I’m Theresa, I am leading the OFN deployment in Canada.)

Hi Theresa!
Thank you for your answer. My research subject is a little local shop opened to general public, usually situated in the center of the cities and towns, and compromised with the agroecological values (selling or trying to sell local, ecological and social fair products). They have to compete with a new wave of eco supermarkets (that brings eco but not agroecological products) and choosing local and small-producer products would be a way to survive and try to counter this wave. So one of the goals of my project is offering new tools to these shops for providing themselves with agroecological products easily. Thank you!