Evolving ofn_deployment

I’m working on some more general improvements to ofn_deployment, progress so far can be seen on this branch:


Broadly this is about simplifying the configuration such that variables have default values where possible and can be defined for groups or individual hosts as required. The project structure has been refactored somewhat as well to represent best practice for Ansible. Also most server configuration will be captured in the project, so its easy to see what servers each country is running.

Its planned to change the project name to ofn-install. This reflects a more general purpose better as the scripts are more typically used for provisioning and installation rather than deployment (which is more often handled by Buildkite and/or git push, etc). Any concerns regarding this?

I will also start creating releases of the project so big changes can be adopted in a more structured way than just updating HEAD.

Another area I discussed with @maikel and would welcome other input on is documentation. The project wiki is currently used which is simple to edit, but it means the docs are not versioned along with the scripts. An alternative is to use Read the Docs and generate docs from versioned controlled doc files. Does anyone have a view on this either way?

Comments appreciated! @marito59 @MikeiLL @oeoeaio @gnollet @sigmundpetersen @lawrence @lin_d_hop @sreeharsha

Renaming and refactoring towards Ansible best practices as well as refining the scope of the package.
I should be able to test it, as we’re redeploying now. Is it currently in a “working” state?

I also like the idea of using Read the Docs, not only with the aim of guiding us towards better documentation, but version control on the docs make sense as well.

I look forwards to hopefully being liberated to dedicate a bit of time to this again over the next couple of months.

Thanks @MikeiLL! I can’t say its working just yet, have been doing a lot more over past couple of days. Will soon be looking again at the Vagrant config so I can verify all the other changes I’ve done…