Enhancing OFN with 'community food security' features

I’m working with several communities in Canada that operate food hubs/co-ops with social justice goals. In particualar - they are pursuing the idea of trying to leverage on-line marketplace sales to support food insecure individuals/communities. We are trying to do some funding proposals to enable OFN to better integrate fundraising activities by 1. having reports created that can itemize/quantify E2E fees (like ‘fundraising’ fees) - so a hub can set fundraising targets in their cycle. Then, 2. designate these accumulated funds through some kind of virtual voucher system to food insecure individuals. I understand from an email exchange with @Kirsten that this second part would require ‘wallets’ . I’d be interested in working with others to scope this kind of thing out further and kick some costs around - would help me with a fundraising target at least. Not sure who to ping here.

Another feature we are discussing is how to help producers ‘grow a row’ for a community food security food hub. So this would take us to features that help with pre-planning of supply for hubs.

The report creation is pretty easy. would be great to know if we’re going to move ahead with dynamic reports though before creating any more new ones. Am I correct that this has stalled from no-one with great interest or strong funding drive to do?

@oeoeaio can you remind me what you told me about the money in customer accounts / ‘wallets’ thing - I think you said it’s not part of standing orders mvp but you’d like to see it done in second round? @lin_d_hop @stveep @danielle Do we have a scope anywhere of how to do this (I think @sreeharsha might have suggested there’s a spree extension that we could work from)

I think we’d leave anything around automatic allocation to accounts, and just let the Hub manager do that manually as everyone would have different rules / choices about how to do it