Enable producers to see / edit their items in orders placed through Hub

What is the need / problem ?

Some Hubs or Farmers Markets want a more ‘hands off’ approach to the orders and transactions i.e. they want the customer to be able to place one order and pay once, but order adjustments to be handled by farmers rather than centrally by a Hub

Currently when an Order is placed the Producer can see their items in reports, but they cannot see the Order itself in the orders or BOM pages, and they cannot edit it i.e. remove items that they aren’t able to fulfil

This was a design decision in the early days when we were working on conversion of a single user ecommerce platform to multi-user. It was the same rationale as not allowing the Producer to see the Customer names on reports, which it is now clear does not meet the needs of many of our users (and is currently getting sorted)

This is also related to Split Payments (currently considering experiments with manual processing through Stripe to clarify the rules). If we do an interim split payments offering by handling directly through Stripe Connect, we only want to do the transfers once all the order information is correct.

If the Hub’s are ‘hands off’ it is better for the Producers to be able to amend orders that they haven’t been able to fulfil themselves

Who does it impact ?

Hub / Market managers who don’t want to handle order adjustments, refunds or payments to farmers.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

Limiting onboarding of hubs, markets etc that are either used to or really want this ‘hands off’ functionality

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

Expanded pool of potential users

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

Remembering that we made all these choices and set up the permissions for who could see and do what on each page - products, reports, order cycles etc - it occurred to me that there is no real reason why we can’t just change the rules on the Orders page and the order editing

So the new rules for viewing and editing orders would be similar to order cycles. They would likely follow the new authorisation from the Hub to allow Producers to see Customer names or require creation of a new permission i.e. Hub allows Producer to manage orders

If a Hub authorises Producers to manage orders, then as a Producer

  • If I have products in an Order then i can see this order on my Orders page
  • If I have products in an Order then i can see this order on my Bulk Order Management page
  • I can remove my Products from a Customer’s order
  • I can edit quantities of my Products from a Customer’s order (both decrease and increase)
  • I can add my variants to a Customer’s order
  • Can I edit Adjustments?
  • Can I issue refunds? I think not . . I think the Producers could edit the orders and then the Hub (or instance service) does the refunds all in one go . . . although if have transferred the money already to the Producer’s stripe account this could hypothetically work

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Ha - this was on my to do list for today too!!! Thinking alike. We have many smaller farmers’ markets that are struggling to do updates on orders from producers. This would be a great addition for these markets.

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