Enable debits on cards stored with OFN enterprises

What is the need / problem ?

Customers can pay for orders using a credit card (via stripe). The shop manager can fully or partially process a payment (refund) to the customer’s card (if the customer paid by card). But, if the order was adjusted so there is a balance owing, the shop manager cannot debit the card for the outstanding balance.

Who does it impact ?

All shop managers where customers pay by credit - a growing number as we move to contact-less payment methods.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

If a customer pays by credit, and then after adjustments there is an amount owing, the shop manager must call the customer to take their credit card credentials over the phone. The orders management process is already time consuming, and this just makes it even more inefficient.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

We can offer truly contact-less payment on OFN - something many enterprises and customers are looking for today.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

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Where a customer has paid by credit card, and/or left a card on file with OFN, a new payment could be processed by the hub manager to the stored card. Permissions is an issue - perhaps we make it clear when someone leaves a card with OFN, that outstanding balances will be debited to their card. Maybe there is first an email that is triggered to inform them and give them a chance to prevent the transaction?

Selection of a feature candidate

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perhaps follows Shop having T&C from their Customers, so that shops can notify their customers of this. Likely would still need an opt out

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