Enable accurate sales data export for integration to external accounting systems

What is the need / problem

  • Mary/Shannon use some tool for their book-keeping and needs to get precise and accurate data from the OFN about their sales.
  • Today some operations are not properly tracked so there is no data, so they can’t be exported and Mary/Shannon are not able to do accurate accounting (ex: bought 10kg carrots to Fred on Monday 10th > accounting line, Fred only delivers 8kg Wed 12th > another adjustment accounting line (we don’t have these data currently), Fred invoices on Friday 14th > another accounting line). The orginal info is lost today and changes are not tracked so info can’t be integrated into accounting.
  • Today data export have been set up only to meet Xero accounting package requirements, so if Mary doesn’t use Xero she needs to adjust the csv
  • Mary needs full cost breakdown so she needs seperate information about the original product cost, her markup, shipping fees, payment method fees, etc.

Who does it impact


What is the current impact of this problem

  • Hubs manage the changes directly into external accounting tools and don’t apply them into OFN so we lose track within OFN.
  • Hubs do as they can to manage their account as accurately as possible but there are some error risks.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • Enable hubs to manage accurately their accounting.
  • Encourage the use of OFN from end-to-end so that we have changes info within OFN.

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Potential solutions that will solve this problem

From Aus gathering Dec 17 brainstorming we identified as our feature candidate:
“Generate a giant csv report with all data”

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