Edit Product Page - UX Improvements

I’d love to hear thoughts on the simplification of the Edit Product page… and oft reported confusing annoyance for new UK users.

These changes are simple and will significantly simplify the page. What do you think @sstead @Kirsten @MyriamBoure @tschumilas @CynthiaReynolds @Matt-Yorkley @yuko

totally agree that the bulk buy options could move up as you suggest - can we call this one thing? bulb buy? co-op? group buy? different terms are confusing.

I don’t know what the bottom boxes you highlight do either - I just tell people to ignore them - but they always ask. Same for cost price - I found this very confusing at first.

I also wonder if ‘master price’ might have a button with a ? that you can click for an explanation - ie: this is the base price without added fees - or something.

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Give also a look at the more recent Product edit form http://guides.spreecommerce.org/user/creating_products.html#product-details

I can only agree that it’s confusing. Do we even need the cost price?
OFN seems to be based on the idea of adding fees to the master price so that cost price never seems to get used?

@sstead I’d love your insights on this proposal if you have any? Muchos gracias

I agree this page could definitely use a clean up.

  • Yes, the Group Buy fields could be moved to their own tab. It might make it a bit harder for users who want to find/use group buy to find it, but it will simplify the page for others.

  • Yes, I think cost price is meaningless so could be removed.

  • Regarding the ‘taxons’ field. This might be the one place where you can categorise a product into 2 categories e.g. orange juice might be in fruit and beverage.

  • Option types - I’m not sure what the difference is between this field and the ‘units’ field above. Maybe nothing?

  • I also assume that the Meta fields relate to SEO. Perhaps we could shift these to their own tab also, or remove them (I don’t know of anyone using them).

  • I would add that the ‘available on’ field should be removed until it is fixed- it currently has no functionality

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I found the link from @enricostn pretty useful, not only because of the current Spree page description but also because of the help describing many of the fields in the page.

I don’t think most farmers will fill out the SEO stuff, though, so I’d suggest getting all of those out of the way. And I have no use for cost price, master price, or the group buy stuff.

No opinion yet on the other fields.

Do any of you offer a page with the data filled out and noting what NOT to fill out? I just looked at the documentation images and they are very busy with all the arrows and so forth. And they don’t reference the page you’re discussing.

Here’s something I mocked up although it needs a little work:

Agree with separating in other menus all what is not widely used and deleting what is not used (or hide if we might use it later, like availability date).

These changes were released with v1.10!
Take a look :slight_smile: