"Dummy orders" identification

Continuing the discussion from Process improvement from order to invoice and Legal conformity: what we need to do

The problem:

  • Test orders and transactions appear in the system just as real one. There is no way today to identify which orders and payments are “dummy” that we only do for testing and demo purposes.
  • This make us inelligible for the “management software certification” in France (which all our user are going to ask us from January 2018)

Improvement proposal:

1- In the order we can add an action that enable to mark an order and all the transactions / invoices attached as “dummy”

2- To identify them clearly I suggest to add “dummy” or “test” order in the title.

3- We also need the invoices and receipts to be marked as “dummy”

4- To identify them clearly I suggest in the synthetic view to see the “dummy” mention. We could also add some filters to “hide” test orders.

I know this doesn’t seem like a priority for the community… but we are supposed to be certified from January 2018, we can certify ourselves but in the certification list this needs to be done…

I really like this suggestion - and eventhough we don’t have the same legal requirement for software certificaiton here - as super admin I’d find it useful. And i think enterprises doing testing would find it useful too.
I WISH there was a parallel way to identify, isolate and somehow filter out - test enterprises, closed enterprises, inactive enterprises … I know we can’t delete them - but sure would be nice if i could keep them isolated, and hide them from my enterprise lists.

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