Diverse uses/business models at local levels

I was impressed by this article by @MyriamBoure Is it possible to selectively ‘notify producers’ in an OC? that gives a great description of different ways local groups/enterprises can use the OFN platform. In explaining the OFN platform to people here in Canada, I’ve been looking for something like this. I think sometimes when we use the word ‘hub’ people interpret food hub in the context of their local situation and this limits the understanding of the possiblities OFN offers. (Food hub can mean really different things in the US vs Canada for example.) And indeed, in a recent muble with the US folks, it became clear to me that newcomers initially make limited assumptions about the models OFN supports. So having documents that illustrate the different possible applications/uses would be grand. I’m working on getting Myriam’s article translated and re-posted, and I think @serenity is doing the same.

But I think we should add a few more ‘pictures’ to it. Particularly - I’d like us to illustrate more clearly how the platform enables networks to form together into ‘networks of networks’ or what I call ‘sustainable food systems’. So - I’d like to draw diagrams showing how networks can connect through producers/suppliers who sell to different networks simultaneously. (Discussed a bit at this post:Is it possible to selectively ‘notify producers’ in an OC? ) I’ll add this as a post script to Myriam’s article perhaps, or do another article on this – BUT – I’m looking for help with the little icons/graphics that we have used in these diagrams. Can anyone tell me @MyriamBoure @CynthiaReynolds @serenity where I would find these little icons and what kind of program is being used to string them together, and then maybe I can draw pictures too. :wink:

I’m really glad you raised this @tschumilas, I actually have a post-it from the Paris meetings with the exact same title on it :joy:

I hope we can gather those thoughts here ASAP!

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@tschumilas you can find the icons here

as @enricostn mentioned, we discussed the topic at OuiShare :slight_smile:

If you have an idea of what you want made into a slide, I will gladly put it together to be visually in line with the other documentation that we have available.

What an offer!!! Thanks - I’m going to sketch something by hand and send a pic to you.


not a problem @tschumilas send it to me anytime you get a chance :slight_smile: