Display software version

What is the need / problem

When Manel reports a bug, he needs to be able to tell which version he was on when the bug happened.

Who does it impact

Instance managers (Manel) and developers

What is the current impact of this problem

  • Time inefficiency and useless disturbance: Each time someone in the OFN team report a bug, they need to ask the sys admin which version they are running to be able to tell.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Will make OFN team’s life easier.

Links to more details

GH issue with (partial?) speccing on how to do it: Software version can be displayed in the UI or Admin interface · Issue #577 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

See GH issue

I don’t think this is deserving of an icebox item. It’s way way down the list of things and isn’t likely to ever be prioritised. So, am closing this one.

@danielle I did GH curation through opening icebox items, but this is an unmet need that has been expressed, so even if I agree that it is not a priority, it is the community to decide about it :wink: Si maybe no one would vote on it, but should we still delete it? If it’s an unmet need, we can say it is draft, and if meet what is required to be considered as an icebox (approved) why people couldn’t want to work on it?
It’s more about the process than the topic. I don’t have objection to move it back to wishlist if we consider it needs more understanding before people can vote on it but I do object closing an unmet need expressed by someone…

Agree with @MyriamBoure, I don’t see a problem with it “collecting dust” in the Icebox category :smiley:

Things that collect dust are just so wasteful, it’s inventory that sits around and costs us time as we have to eventually sift through it all again and cull.

If you believe it’s still worthy of an icebox item and should be reopened then go right ahead! I am definitely dreading the point when we have to start culling all the icebox items back…and I haven’t yet figured out what’s better, to have it all there “gathering dust” or to follow lean methods of eliminating waste and not gather it…sigh :scream: :laughing:

So fyi, I’m trying a new thing out: I’m explaining releases on our French Community Forum, and I’ve displayed a "current version" / “version du logiciel” link in our footer. As I know when releases are happening, I will update this on the go, but someone else can do it as well.

Let’s see if it does the trick on the long run :slight_smile:

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Another option might be to have a specific bit of translation text that holds the version. It could potentially be one of the existing strings in the footer. Before deployment, when instances are updating translations, that specific string could be updated to reflect the current version.

I’m closing this topic. If it every becomes a priority, we can open a papercut on github :+1: