Display Only Order Cycle

I am attempting to create an order cycle that is view only. I have read a similar topic on ‘Display Only’. I created a demo enterprise, however, I am not able to create an order cycle without any payment methods active. I attempted to create a payment method ‘current’ for current customers only with NO ONE having this tag. Then I created an enterprise rule where this payment rule would only show up for customers tagged ‘current’. The idea is that we only send out this demo cycle for new customers who would not be able to purchase. Therefore no one would be able to make a purchase since no email is tagged as ‘current’.
However, I am seeing this payment method even though my email is not tagged as ‘current’. Any suggestion on this method or another method?

search the user guide for ‘display only’ shopfronts in your language. Here is the link to the English instructions). I haven’t set one of these up for a while - but its important to follow the instructions very closely - you must first create a ‘normal’ order cycle, and then remove payment and pickup/shipping methods as I recall.

Thanks so much for the feedback! The display only in the instructions creates an order cycles for certain customers (producers) but still allows for payments unfortunately. I did try editing the order cycle but every time I unclick the payment methods, it puts them right back. I am guessing you cannot have one without some type of payment method.

The display only store is working for me. Remove any tags you’ve put in place. Go to the payments methods and the pickup/shipping methods - on the profile screen for the OC coordinator’s enterprise. Set all shipping and all payment methods to ‘back office only’. (This has to be done using the menu on the profile screen. Just disabling on the order cycle will not work.) At least - this is how it has worked for me (could be the instructions in the guide need updating)

That totally worked! Thanks!!!