Dev onboarding

This topic is to outline the process of signing up new devs. then build on/improve the process.

I will start with the email that Steve sent to the London (UK) Ruby Network:

The Open Food Network are looking for developers for casual work. The Open Food Network (OFN) UK is a web platform designed to support small to medium-sized local food enterprises by providing a low-cost, transparent and commonly-owned web platform to help these enterprises grow and develop. This is all built on Rails and Spree, with an Angular front end ( We also provide facilitation, support and development services for local food enterprises interested in using OFN.

We are looking for developers with Rails, Angular and/or Spree experience. Our codebase is fully open source so it’s a great chance to build up an open source portfolio. We are not for profit but once you are up to speed with the project (we typically ask for one “starter issue” type contribution) the work is paid at a rate of £250 per day. Everyone works remotely, in several countries, and the work can be done in your own time. There are fortnightly online meetings to discuss progress and support from the global dev team on Slack and GitHub. You need to be relatively independent as help is not instantly available due to timezones and day jobs.

For more details please contact Nick Weir:



More info:

OFN is 100% not for profit and is open source. This is our vision:

Imagine that the UK has achieved Food Sovereignty, with all the people of the UK having full and affordable access to healthy, sustainable and culturally-appropriate food.

Producers of food have easy access to local markets and food production is a viable, respected profession. Food is produced in a way that works with natural processes and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere.

Communities have opportunities to define their own food systems in ways that work for them. Food is sourced ethically and sustainably with food providers in the UK and around the world operating transparently so that consumers and food processors can make informed decisions on sourcing.

Food will be distributed through a diverse network of enterprises owned by the communities that use them and employing people locally. Producers can sell their products easily through a wide range of channels. Distribution networks will organise efficiently and sustainably including producers of all scales and enabling amalgamation of products at different scales.

The challenges of creating a global local food system are solved at the lowest level of subsidiarity, as local as makes sense. Contributions at every level feed into a global commons, co-created and co-managed with shared responsibility for the benefit of everyone.

This is the reply I send to people who respond to Steve’s email:
Hi Leandro

Thanks for your email. I hope we can work together.

We don’t have a formal application process. We invite you to ask questions and we are happy to answer them. We invite you to join in our regular online meetings where we discuss dev projects and support each other. We invite you to join our [Github](http://git link) and [Slack](http://slack link) conversations. If we still like each other we find an issue for you to work on and an experienced OFN developer to support you. When we agree that you are up to speed we start to pay.

I think that a good first step would be to invite you to the next of our regular dev meetings which is on Thursday 31st August at 8.30am for up to one hour. The agenda and joining instructions are here. If this is not convenient for you and/or if you would like to talk before the meeting please contact me (details below). I would be very happy to talk anything through.

Thanks again for your interest

Nick Weir
Open Food Network UK
01453 840037
Skype nickweir63

Supporting producers and communities to organise for Food Sovereignty
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Lynne and I are having a conversation with Leandro on Slack which is relevant to this thread. I will check if he is happy for me to copy it up here.

nickweir [2:48 PM]
@leandroalemao has contacted me to confirm that he has completed his starter ‘newbie’ issue and is ready to take on more issues. Please can we check with the other devs that they are happy for him to pick up bigger issues and confirm when we will be able to start paying Leandro. Thanks

lin-d-hop [2:51 PM]
Hi @leandroalemao Thanks for completing this issue. How long did it take you in terms of dev hours?

Possible next issues:

leandroalemao [4:24 PM]
Hi @lin-d-hop I’ve created 3 PRs…

And also reviewed a PR from Saulo…

First 2 PRs… have already been merged and the last one it’s been approved but not merged yet… probably worked for 2 days (8h each)… I had to install everything here at the first place and understand how the system works as well…

leandroalemao [5:07 PM]
As I said to @nickweir, I’m enjoying a lot contributing to an open source project… and as I’ve seen so far… lot’s of people are involved to… also lots of different countries… many great devs etc… I’m very glad to crack on with the contributions and everything… and I’m ready to pick up new issues as well

lin-d-hop [5:57 PM]
Glad to hear it! We have a very limited budget and sometimes have projects with budget assigned to pay devs. If you’re interested in these let us know. And if you’re happy continuing to work on tasks the community needs but don’t currently have budget for that’s great too!! Great to have you involved and looking forward to working together :slight_smile:

leandroalemao [6:13 PM]
Hi @lin-d-hop Tks for letting me know that. Does that means OFN Uk doesn’t have budget for devs? Or which projects do you have with budget for devs?

lin-d-hop [6:46 PM]
We offer paid project work. Ofn uk has budget for our priority projects. Are you interested in working on some of them?

----- Today September 13th, 2017 -----
leandroalemao [12:05 AM]
Yes I’m… also glad to be part of Ofn and work on paid projects as well… :+1::grinning:

nickweir [10:07 AM]
Hi @leandroalemao we are trying to improve the process of bringing new devs into OFN. Would it be OK with you if I copied the conversation from this Slack channel into the OFN global discourse forum on the following topic Dev onboarding

leandroalemao [10:08 AM]
Yes sure no problems @nickweir :thumbsup: :smile:

nickweir [10:08 AM]

leandroalemao [10:09 AM]
:thumbsup: :smile: