Dev Hangouts - Setting up Mumble

Hi dev chat people :slight_smile:

@NickWeir and @enricostn and @lin_d_hop have sorted out getting Mumble onto a UK server and we’re all set to use it this week for the dev chat!

But before you can join in you have to download and set up Mumble. SEE ALSO NOTES BELOW

You’ve got a few different options for this:

  1. On your computer

  2. iOS app

  3. Android app

Things to note during setup on a computer:

Choose ‘Push To Talk’ for transmitting
When you’re setting up and it tries to choose the transmit setting to be Voice Activity (or Continuous, can’t remember which one it initially chose during set up), make sure you change the transmit setting to be Push To Talk, and select the key you’ll use for this.

If you accidentally forget to do this then you can reset it in your settings. Go to the settings menu and in the Audio Input section change the transmit dropdown to Push To Talk. Then go into the Shortcuts section and add a new shortcut using the dropdown Push To Talk and select the key you want to use for this.

Setting up a server
Click add new, use whatever port they add, and use this address:

Right then, any issues get in touch either here or on the dev slack channel :grinning:


Thanks @danni I am now set up on the OFN server and ready for tomorrow’s call. Just in case anyone is as green as me, here are a couple more tips: when you get to this screen…

you put the in the address box and the label box is for your own label - maybe ‘OFN’
then when you get to the next screen it is fine to click yes - it’s a self signed cert


Just a heads-up, if you’re using the “push-to-talk” option you may need to set up a key for it, by going into settings->shortcuts->add then clicking the new entry and setting it to “push-to-talk” and then click undr shortcut to set a key.

Enrico has set up a separate ‘meeting room’ in case anyone wants to split off a meeting that is going on in the main channel - thanks Enrico! Here is how to use it:
enricostn [9:48 AM]
Hi Nick, I created the Quiet space channel in our mubmle server. Feel free to suggest a better name, test it, etc

to join the channel you can just drag and drop your nickname into it or (maybe easier) right click on the channel name and select Join Channel