Deprecating Stripe Connect - Instance Manager Guide

Stripe made significant changes to their API to meet EU SCA regulations. This resulted in the global team implementing a secondary Stripe Integration to support the new requirements. This new Stripe integration (Stripe SCA) now meets all global regulations and works in all places in which Stripe exists.

The OFN Community are now incurring the ongoing cost of maintaining two Stripe integrations. This is not sustainable for our little organisation and doesn’t make any business sense. So… we are Deprecating our Stripe Connect integration with a view to remove it from our codebase.

What does this mean for instances using Stripe Connect?

It means that you need to migrate all your users to Stripe SCA. Fortunately this has already been done by the UK, FR and BE teams so everything is well tested. We’ve found all the problematic aspects and we can help to make it as easy at possible for your users.

How do we do this?

There are a few steps…
<EDIT: I missed a step>
Update your Stripe API version
To do this log into your platform Stripe account. Choose the Developers option on the left menu, then you’ll have the option to Upgrade API at the top of the screen.

</ EDIT>

  1. Rename your Stripe Payment methods.
    The existing Stripe payment method should be named in a way that discourages use eg ‘For Deletion’ or ‘Deprecated Stripe’. Think about what will be understood by new uses so they do not use this method when creating a new Stripe method. The Stripe SCA payment method should be named Stripe. You can do this by updating your translations.

  2. Classify the users usage
    Next take a look at all your users using the Stripe Connect payment method. You can do this by logging in as super admin and going to /admin/payment_methods. Identify which of these enterprises are active, which are inactive. Identify which are in high use and which are in low use. For smaller instances this should be straightforward.

  3. For Inactive Accounts
    These can simply be switched directly to Stripe SCA without drama. To do this simply open the Payment Method and in the Provider dropdown change to Stripe SCA. Everything will work straight out of the box.

  4. For Low Use Active Accounts
    The recommendation here is to simply email the users and let them know that you will be switching their accounts as a specific date. See below for documents including example emails used in the UK.

  5. For High Use Active Accounts
    This is more complex. We recommend that you:
    a) Create a new payment method with Stripe SCA that replicates the old Stripe Connect payment method.
    b) Change the old Stripe Connect payment method to Backoffice Only
    c) Confirm that all refunds and reconciliation for order cycles that used the old Stripe Connect payment method have been completed before removing the old Stripe Connect payment method. This should be confirmed with the Food Hub managers. We also recommend that you have a date for completion of the roll out early on.

  6. Rename the Stripe Connect Payment method to something which will absolutely discourage use.

How will this be deployed?

After instances have rolled out Stripe SCA completely we’ll work to remove the Stripe Connect payment method from the code base.

When this has been completed we’ll deploy. In the removal we will include a migration that changes all Stripe Connect payment methods to Stripe SCA. If there are any users that require refunds to be made to their shoppers after this date then this will need to be done within Stripe itself. It will be impossible through the platform. So, to reduce the load on instance support team, it is important that these steps are completed before we remove Stripe Connect.


UK Roll Out Plan Phase 1
UK Roll Out Plan Phase 2

Let us know when you’ve done this!!

Comment below when this has been done, including your Instance so that I can chase people where needed.


I’m noticing Germany and Katuma are not mentioned here. @Eugeni @konrad can you confirm all your shops connected to stripe are switched to Stripe SCA?

And I’m pinging instances, because I’m not sure how well Slack is read for this type of topics: @Kirsten @tschumilas @lauriewayne1 @hernansedano @romale @rafat-khashan @Permakai @thomaz


Thanks for the ping @Rachel In the US I have not touched this but I will prioritize it.

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Hi Rachel, thanks, we have not implemented Stripe, so is ok for us. :hugs:

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so glad UK, France and others paved the way to stripe sca for us. The documentation is fantastic - thank you. One small question I already had from an enterprise… Right now they are familiar with their stripe account pages and reports and they use these - when I switch them to stripe SCA - will all their records from stripe connect come forward, or should they download everything from their stripe connect pages before the switch?

Nothing changes in Stripe.

Though this does remind me I missed a small instance step…

Thaks you Rachel.
Excellent guide. We have some Low use active accounts that they have not changed yet. I will send “last call” this weekend.

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Thank you for asking, @Rachel . We don’t have Stripe active at the moment. So once we set it up (hopefully soon), we will go for Stripe SCA directly.

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Hi @Rachel we have Stripe active in New Zealand. I will look into it.


@lin_d_hop I +1 Theresa’s gratitude for the excellent documentation. The US instance is all de-striped now (unless anybody makes a new method using Stripe, I will keep an eye on it), all 98 Stripe-using enterprises are using SCA. Thanks for the ping, @Rachel !!

@lin_d_hop thank you so much for the documentation. I am getting ready to contact our Stipe users now, with Easter in the mix we won’t be through the process until the second week in April. Does that timeline cause any issues?

Thank you all for your feedback!

@Eugeni @berniemabbs @chez have you got a chance to migrate all accounts by now?

Thanks :pray:

Hi @Rachel - Apologies for delay in coming back to you. I have changed the payment method for all connected Stripe accounts (mostly low or inactive accounts) by changing the Provider dropdown to Stripe SCA. With that in mind, I believe we are done…

We have just merged the last step: in next release all remaining stripe connect accounts will be migrated to stripe SCA and stripe connect will be completely removed.

Closing :slight_smile:

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