Delivery Circle October 4th



is working on removing angular on each tab


backoffice ui uplift has been rebased ; papercuts are back in dev ; n8n is going forward. @jibees will test the PR created by @maikel


Removes matomo JS tracking code by filipefurtad0 · Pull Request #9685 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub : by replacing this by tag manager, we need to re-setup, change things here to make goals/funnels functionals. This wasn’t spotted before merging. This probably will break trackings for instance managers. We should install over again.

Working on nasty flaky spec (around the shopfront). Don’t spend to much time, maybe open a tech debt.


  • #9688 : Basically working for legacy, but not for Splitcheckout. Will open a new issue for SC
  • #9682 :

Discussion topics

  • Rebasing PR before testing: let’s test this new process ! Just be aware of new contributors.
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