Delivery Circle October 10th 2023

Small circle today, we have talked a lot around BUU


We have talked a bit about this question raised by @filipefurtado here: Slack

We concluded that we should run the toggle by default hence Enables admin_style_v3 toggle by default by filipefurtad0 路 Pull Request #11645 路 openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork 路 GitHub

@dcook and @Mario shared they were talking about onboarding another dev on BUU, but as no other dev were at the meeting, we鈥檝e postponed that discussion :slight_smile:


@dcook is focused on BUU and fixed also a general translation problem with the new stack. the release template as been updated as well.

Deployment to staging was broken and david fixed it right after the meeting Deploy to staging is broken 路 Issue #11644 路 openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork 路 GitHub

@filipefurtado is progressing on invoices automated tests. Had a nice meeting with @abdellani about it. He will look into Stripe testing this week again.

@konrad has smashed the test ready column :metal:

@maikel 's update on slack:

  • DFC: I鈥檓 waiting for Maxime to fix Connector bugs.
  • DFC: I need to figure out estimates for DFC Orders work with Garethe. Call scheduled for Thursday.
  • New Relic: 6 servers are monitored. Alerts are set up. Waiting for PR approval to provision the rest.
  • Background reports: au-prod is good. Proposing to switch fr-prod tomorrow. Started work on improvements.
  • Fixed a flaky spec.
  • I missed that David moved a voucher PR back to In Dev. I need to refactor something while Gaetan is on holiday.