Delivery circle notes July 20th 2021

1. Current view of the roadmap

Finished since the last meeting

The code review column is very slim. Kudos to everyone especially @maikel :yellow_heart:

In play - Core Pipe

In-play - Funded pipe


Next step: DFC/OIDC Authentication – it’s working in dev! Couple of things to add before it can be tested on staging

In play - Contributor

2. Next Up

Ready To Go


Ready for Inception

There are plenty of potential solutions and the best technical approach needs to be found and will be explored after Adjustments is complete.

  • Invoice number system (@Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception, but linked to history of invoice changes.
  • Improved reporting - We need to think about a general technical approach for this. Tax reporting might be a good a time for this however the overall improved reporting project will be worked on after History of Invoice changes.



Funding strategy
Most of the discussion was around our funding strategy and how it impacts the pipe (another discourse post is on the way with more details). Main outcome of the discussion today was that we would start building roadmaps for tech-debt, sys-admin debt, test automation… This meeting would be a good place to talk about them and start following how we balance our pipe.

Also we need to get better at following/measuring how heavy is our maintenance. Some clockify analysis needs to be made.

August is coming and in the past it has happened that we did skipped some releases because of holidays. So far, it’s not looking like this will happen this year. Yet, everyone is kindly reminded to not forget to add their summer/winter holidays in the global calendar :slight_smile:

Tuesday 27th July, 7am UTC

Facilitation: ??
Notes: ??

Update on the Python 3 deprecation mess:

I had a crack at switching everything to Python 3, but it seems like it’s weirdly broken in some environments and not others. I think maybe we can wait a bit for Ansible to put out some updates.

The critical element of it has been somewhat resolved, which was that the ofn-install build was broken due to a third party pulling support for Python 2.7. They’ve now reversed that decision and reinstated Python 2.7 support, so the ofn-install build is fine again. :tada:

Presumably they reversed it after lots of Ansible users complained :man_shrugging:

Anyway, I think we can put it back in the backlog for now and wait for some changes on Ansible’s part. So it’s off the priorities list and resolved for now…

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