Delivery Circle meeting September 6th

The board

  • Code review column is empty :tada:
  • S2 on taxes are in test ready (unlocking split-checkout last bugs!) :tada: @maikel has mentioned that split checkout could be re-factored a lot. This can only be done once Split checkout is fully released
  • Next priority tasks are #9002 and #8952 if @maikel & @jibees are stuck, they still have some small PRs to finish in dev
  • Regarding FR new server (9596). We agreed Monday 2AM in EU would be a good time to do it. @maikel will tell which Mondays suits him best in the coming week.
  • @filipefurtado is trying to add VCR to our stack. Itโ€™s quite complex but he is not requesting dev help for now


  • Reactive rails : as Avi is moving forward with removing Angular, the question arise whether we should use Stimulusreflex or Hotwired. See Add StimulusReflex by binarygit ยท Pull Request #9633 ยท openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork ยท GitHub This topic has been postponed to next delivery circle so @jibees has time to form an opinion on this.

  • Onboarding support team to use staging servers : a lot of tests are happening in production when they could be done in staging environment. @filipefurtado is going to onboard @audeZ on how to use properly our stagings. After their trial, they will give feedback and we will see if this is something we can replicate with other support teams

  • Request spec vs controller specs : Controller specs are soon to be retired. See Slack Main conclusion here is that we will try to switch to request spec whenever we can when writing a new spec. But as controller spec are still maintained, we wonโ€™t plan a big migration yet.

  • Onboarding sysadmin contributors : Fixing the CI is the main contribution we should point new sysadmin to.