Delivery Circle Meeting - September 20th



  • has been on on sick leave, will have a short week
  • PR #9642 (Deleting duplicate customer entries) will be tested again, before merging
  • code review #9633 (Stimulus Reflex) was set as priority (blocks #8996)
  • server migration FR postponed to next week


  • #8996 will be picked up again, needs an update. @Avi will review. This should be done after #9633
  • #9002 a tough one, maybe will have a second look


  • DFC funders issues - OIDC Auth / DFC Product API are late - We might loose part of this funding.
  • Funding from European Commission - Backoffice UI uplift is first step for the Network 2.0 feature, prioritizing #8996 to get back on track


  • Awaiting for Merging from Stimulus Stimulis Reflex #9633
  • Has questions about bad URI - Maikel replied
  • route issue unauthorized - awaiting feedback on #9448
  • picking up issues, assigned to #9583 :muscle:


  • proceeding with VCR (slowly)
  • build will be slower because we’re having some tests not being ran; but @maikel has a PR for a gem which allows tests to run on multiple threads and should speed up the build


  • still having issues on ssh access; devs shared a workaround in #testing
  • spotted #9686 (Can’t search find customers as superadmin) which already has a fix from JB. This bug seems to be around for a while
  • requested feeedback needed on #9659, not easy - decision was to merge :muscle:
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