Delivery Circle Meeting - September 13



  • #9002 (customer can’t access OC): While investigating, discovered another bug (duplicates customer records for the same email address: #9642 ; tell the concerned enterprises/hub managers before we change any data, delete duplicates). @jibees will code review that (without pairing)


  • Stuck of the StimulusReflex PR for some days, but everything’s fine now.
  • Requested reviews for today.


  • some papercuts to finish (specially around date range picker)
  • Look at bump activemerchant and ddtrace PRs
  • Have a look at backoffice ui uplift and update (rebase, in case of stimulus reflex merge in master) it.


  • VCR: did progress, working with a real stripe request. Need help, though to integrate in the real specs.
  • #9660: StripeSCA payment failed
  • #9621: needs to be checked again

Quick questions

  • #9575 (added height, weight, …): feedback needed. Back to in dev, since it does not solve the original issue.
  • Metabase/N8N: issue will come to integrate N8N for business intelligence (add a database user)


hotwire vs. StimulusReflex

  • We all agree that StimulusReflex is probably the best choice for us for now. @maikel and @jibees will review PR from @Avi that integrates StimulusReflex :fire:
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