Delivery Circle Meeting - October 25th



  • #9630 blocked by a flaky spec but @maikel merged a PR by @jibees trying to resolve that issue around Redis on CI/CD
  • not blocked on anything, this dirty form concept continue its way.


  • flaky specs: previously, we decided to remove a gem that was retrying the specs ; now we can see the flaky specs very well, that’s why we’re here. Process decided: only on those cases, re-put this retry gem, to have a green build back, and then work on it to make it reliable.


  • Could connect on UK staging database, and could test data: big step for me! :tada:
  • Reminder: “bump …” PRs (ie. dependencies upgrade PR) in the Test Ready column should have a “How to test” section and should be tested manually.


  • I didn’t prioritise the Stripe S2 because it’s listed lower than DFC.
  • I gave Backoffice UI Uplift a quick review and while it’s mostly there, I think that there are a few things we can improve. So back to @jibees for now.
  • DFC is my focus and it seems I’m finally transitioning from gathering requirements to implementation even though it’s not all clear in my head yet.
  • Flaky specs have been a big distraction but @filipefurtado and I agree on a way forward.
  • I also cleaned up Matt’s old WIP PRs, good work that was mostly done.


  • not blocked on anything
  • just started a PR around upgrading rails because it’s a very start of draft


  • Pair programming session between @Avi & @jibees (and maybe @maikel) around our bye-bye-angular stuff

  • French instance performance issues ; UK instance also has some troubles. We need to find the case, the patterns. @jibees could start reading/investigating/… and trying to sum-up the issue(s) we’re facing of.