Delivery Circle Meeting - October 18th

Type of Feedback

Erwan joining the team as a DevOps


  • Kicking off discussion: what are the team’s and Erwan’s thoughts on joining the team?


  • first PR is out :muscle:
  • OFN install code is huge
  • First try to understand, then try to improve


  • Red build right now :frowning:
  • Surely would be great to have a dedicated DevOps role


  • Help is needed on tracking production server health - re-ocurring dowtimes
  • Would the weekly deployment free up some developer time?


  • AWS
    Object storage - alternatives?

  • BI + Metabase
    Should we keep it? We’re having time maintaining it

Agreed proposal

Joining us for one month exploration! :tada:
This will need some double checking on budget, but everyone agrees in delivery-circle agrees.

The Board


  • A lot going on with stimulus, joint work with Avi
  • Plenty of dependabot issue.

Maikel will be working om DFC

JB and Maikel on BUU

  • Meeting with on BUU with JB - maybe possible to arrange a one day meeting in person?
  • on the bright side: JB’s PR already reviewed #8996 :tada:
  • test automation from scratch - ping @filipefurtado


  • Currently blocked on dirtyFrom jQuery plugin
  • Ongoing discussion with JB
  • Possibly requesting from a new contributor


  • Plenty of work to do, all rolling
  • Funded feature up next #9755


  • Will comment out the failing spec file to make the build green and possible to work with
  • Will work with JB to get this updated and green

Discussion topics

Test Merge Process

  • @filipefurtado (no strong) opinion: No need to re-run to the specs before merging, would introduce some long wait times and the following merge with master re-runs the tests anyway
  • So, in summary: back to the previous process
  • @konrad to merge after testing, whenever feels good about it
  • the “Ready to go” column will tend to be more empty but is still useful to keep for new testers and contributors

Team Meeting with Maikel in Europe
Ongoing chats about this :beers:

New good first issues for contributors

  • Team should keep an eye for new good first issues for contributors, we’re having plenty of input during this Hacktoberfest :muscle:

** Broken build **

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