Delivery Circle Meeting - November 8th

Welcome to Delivery Circle @dcook!! :tada: :heart:

Board / Priorities

DFC funded feature
Wrapped his hand around and knows what to do :muscle: Waiting for Garethe feebback.
Debugging will be done on staging-FR.
Only two working days left before absence - perhaps possible to hand over to @jibees if needed; @dcook able to pick it up too.


Perhaps @dcook could contribute the performance issues currently as well.
For FR-prod Datadog is set: credentials on Bitwarden (Lynne’s account).
One approach could be attempting to crash the (staging) servers :boom: and reproduce the issue.

The most severe flaky specs have now been addressed. Working on build speed optimization: bringing KnapsackPro in, which we are eligible to use without cost. There are some spec-order related failures, so this is not ready just yet. Big thanks for all the help from @maikel @jibees on these tasks :pray:

Was a bit stuck on removing Angular, and took a break to get a different perspective. Will work on these again these days. One option could be to move to other tasks, now that Avi is more familiar with the OFN codebase.

Working on webhook trigger #9616 / #9687 and might pick up DFC or performance. Feel free to ping David for help :muscle: