Delivery Circle meeting November 22nd

Discussion on whether OFN should switch from the current ofn-install/ansible scripts to docker

Discourse post detailing the (proposed) switch: OFN deployment with docker


Rachael asked whether the two suggested approaches are complimentary?( i.e. if there are overlaps between the basic way and the docker way and whether if we decide to move forward right now with the basic way, later on we can fully transition to the docker way using it as our foundation?)
=> No, the two ways are completely different. If we move forward with one, it cannot serve as a foundation for the other.

Lynee expressed concerns that moving to docker might increase load on developers, as it’s a completely new way of doing things.
=> If OFN does move to docker, devs will need to learn docker. But it might not be as steep a learning curve.

Rachael asked whether the local docker install could be improved?
=> Docker uses more resources on Mac and Windows because it needs to run inside a VM, so maybe devs can switch to linux machines.

JB asked why we chose ansible?
=> Matt chose ansible and was primarily responsible for maintaining it.

(All answers answered by Erwan, last question answered by Lynee)

Decision: Postpone for one month until Maikel gets back because it’s a really big decision to make and needs his input.

JB and Avi blocked

Blocked on deployment in staging (and production I guess): web socket is not
available (?) —>


Not blocked. Waiting for comment on his PR’s


Hope to get through reviews tomorrow.
Will take a look at the DFC PR and decide if it’s ready to go.


Everything’s cool. Not blocked. Progressing slowly.

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Thanks for these notes @Avi!
I’ll also post a summary on the original post here.

I think Ansible decision might actually have been as far back as Raf . . not sure but maybe!