Delivery Circle Meeting Notes October 19th 2021

Done since last week

In play - Core Pipe

In-play - Funded pipe


DFC/OIDC Authentication – DFC Open ID connect: no update since last delivery circle - Really close to be merged. @Rachel will see with the Belgium team.

In play - Contributor

Some contributors did some nice PRs: thanks! :pray:

2. Next Up


Ready To Go


  • History of invoice changes (Rachel + ? ) - Unblocked. Needs an in-depth meeting, when everyone is available.
    • There are plenty of potential solutions and the best technical approach needs to be found and will be explored after Adjustments is complete.

Ready for Inception

  • Invoice number system (Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception, but linked to history of invoice changes.
  • Improved reporting - We need to think about a general technical approach for this. Tax reporting might be a good a time for this however the overall improved reporting project will be worked on after History of Invoice changes.



  1. @maikel Should select some “hard” issues for hiring a full-stack senior dev
  2. @Rachel and @jibees will prepare the second meeting after the first one (the one to re-approach as humans) and see how it goes, and what we need afterwards.
  3. Roadmap questions : things haven’t move that much.

Dev availability:

  • @maikel will probably have around 14h per week until end of the year (with one week off around christmas)
  • @jibees will probably have around around 28h per week until the end of the year with two weeks off (first of november and around christmas)
  • @nihal 25 hours a week.

Estimate (like tee shirt size) are needed here (@Matt-Yorkley and @apb :pray: …)

Some of the items can overlap (between “Fix all flaky specs” and “Migrate system into feature specs” and “Improve Stripe test automation” and “Stripe refactoring + testing / implements VCR”)


  • Migrate system into feature specs: can be done by the end of the year.

From previous meeting:
Bug-severity system
@apb Discussion around the new bug-severity system should go on discourse - no updates.

Tuesday October 26th 6PM UTC
Moderation: TBC
Note-taking: TBC

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