Delivery circle meeting notes November 16th 2021

Current release

We are skipping the release this week: not enough PRs to make it worth. Next release next Tuesday with the goal of getting all our S2s in!

Done since last month

  • Lots of bug fixing and papercuts!
  • [Reports Query Interface by Matt-Yorkley ·Pull Request #8145 which lays the ground for all work regarding reports is now live!

In play - Core Pipe

  • 8255 : this one is tougher than we thought. Nihal and Maikel are on it.
  • S2: [payments issues ] #8059 and #8296 are now in code review KUDOS @Matt-Yorkley !!
  • S2 #8320 and #8473 are in code review as well.
  • Systems specs: are being addressed step-wise.
  • Split Checkout : @jibees will take over the remaining bits with @maikel as wingman :muscle:
  • OFN Styleguide : This is paused for now, the priority is to finish split checkout
  • Tax Report : now that the first PR is merged, issues specific to tax reports can be tackled.

In-play - Funded pipe


DFC/OIDC Authentication : we need to have new contributors to work on this. @paco is on it with few hours, so the idea is now to onboard Garethe from the UK team to finish this. Channel for this project is #dfc-auth

In play - Contributor

Some contributors did some nice PRs especially during hacktoberfest, moving our number of contributors to 171 :tada:

2. Next Up

Ready To Go



  • History of invoice changes (Rachel + ? ) - Unblocked. Needs an in-depth meeting, when everyone is available.
    • There are plenty of potential solutions and the best technical approach needs to be found and will be explored after Adjustments is complete.

Ready for Inception

  • Invoice number system (Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception, but linked to history of invoice changes.
  • Improved reporting - We need to think about a general technical approach for this. Tax reporting might be a good a time for this however the overall improved reporting project will be worked on after History of Invoice changes.



How can we better support each other and avoid people getting stuck / frustrated / burn-out?

Some actions we decided to take:

  • work more in pairs / wingman / buddies who check-in at least weekly
  • use more public channels to share issues: a public channel is not necessary a public channel as defined by slack. E.g. the closed core-devs channel is a public channel. What we mean is that we should avoid DMs. It pushes the receiver of the message to be responsible to fix the problem when they might not be the best person to do it, or simply will miss the message in the abyss of DM on slack.
  • use paid time to attend online courses. @filipefurtado and @jibees are going to look at which courses could be interesting to follow for RoR

Delivery-circle meeting time

We will try to get back to a unique time for the meeting in order to have everybody. We decided also to reduce it to 45min.
We will review after a month or so to see if it was a good idea!

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